10 Worst WWE SummerSlam Matches of All-Time

WWE SummerSlam is this month and I decided to put together a List Video with the Worst SumerSlam Matches in the companys history. Let me know what you think and if I missed any matched. Hope You Enjoy.

 Worst WWE SummerSlam Matches of All-Time



Here it is ladies and gentleman, the worst of the worst. A match so dumb and so bad that the company has never mentioned it again. There was never a doubt it would be #1 on this list because of how bad it was and Adding insult to injury this was the Main Event of the night. Not Bret Hart vs Owen Hart in a Steel Cage match for the WWF title,  Not any of the other two really good title matches on the card. Nope, WWE decided to make the main event the Undertaker vs an Evil Doppelganger. The year was 1994 so the undertaker was not the greatest worker and it clearly showed. Think of it like this, it’s a Main Event that went less than nine minutes.




2007 for the wwe was not the greatest year and Summerslams World Heavyweight Championship match was one of the worst moments for the company. You know things are bad when the WWE puts the title on the Great Khali, yep that’s a bad sign. Khali is a bad worker and he always feels awkward in a wrestling ring. So what did WWE do to help hide is deficiencies? They had him work a straight up wrestling match against Batista who is not very good in the ring as well. The match is super poorly wrestled, had a dumb storyline behind it and for some reason they kept the feud going. Luckily the match only lasted 7 minutes.




No one ever really understood the Giant Gonzalez. He dressed up in a weird costume that had fake body hair and muscles on it. This is up here because it was a match that did not need to happen. The WWE saw the fiasco that was Taker vs Gonzalez at Wrestlemania and they still decided to give them a rematch. Shame on you WWE Shame. This summerslam match was no better than the Mania match and for about 8 minutes we watch one of the worst pure wrestling matches of all time. The selling was horrible, the story telling was abysmal and to top it all of this was the match that pretty much ended Gonzalez WWE career as he was let go by the company right after.


Diesel vs. King Mabel


The 1995 sumerslam saw a title match between Diesel and Mabel that was hard to comprehend. Mabel was almost 600Lbs at the time and couldn’t put on a main event match to save his life. So allowing him to be in the title main event picture of the Second biggest event of the year was confusing. Mabel being so big allowed Kevin Nash to do absolute nothing in the match. Nash being a stiff worker and most of his move set being about picking someone up and slamming them it left both competitors and the audience at a disadvantage. It lasted 9mins and ends with a shoulder block and Nash winning. Is the shortest SummerSlam Main Event ever and the idea Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match has to share the show with it is a shame.


Terri Runnels vs. The Kat

terri-kat (1)

So this is the only woman’s match on the list. It was between this and Divas Dodgeball. But since that wasn’t really a match Kat vs Terri won out or lost out I guess. So this was a Stink Face Match, yep you read that correctly, the woman who gives the other woman the stink face while wearing a thong wins the match. It was a gimmick match that was just awful. WWE gets a ton of hate during the Attitude era for the way they portrayed woman wrestlers and this match is one of reason why. The wrestling is awful, the gimmick is awful and there was no real reason for the match to last 8 minutes.




The 2013 SummerSlam match which featured a ‘ring of fire’ between Kane and Bray Wyatt was a complete letdown. This was the first big push in WWE for Wyatt and like his other push it didn’t really go anywhere. The inferno match gimmick is one that never really works. The ring is on fire and the competitors in the ring are so worried about getting burned that they don’t really do much. Sure Wyatt won the match but it was a slow match with not much actual wrestling. Add in the fact that Kane and Bray had little to no chemistry and the match was only 7 mins long and it started SummerSlam 2013 off on the wrong foot.




This match was fine not horrible just fine. It went on for about 20 mins and the right man won. The issue here was that the booking was so awful it belongs on this list. Positioned to be the next Hulk Hogan the next true ‘All-American’ star Lex Luger was put an all American tour. The ultimate Hero babyface for the company and new WWE Champion. But as well know when Vince McMahon has a change of mind in something it can steamroll and kill everything in its path. So at SummerSlam 1993 instead of the fans getting the ultimate Pay-off for a storyline months in the making either by making the American Hero win and look strong or having Yokosuka win and looking like even more of a monster. Vince decided to have Lex win but only by count out thus not winning the belt. One of the worst endings of any Summerslam.


Kane vs. The Great Khali 


Anyone that has been around wrestling for the last 10 years knows that the Great Khali could be one of the worst wrestlers in the company’s history. So when he was pared with Kane in summerslam 2009 we all knew what we were about to witness was going to be terrible. The match was slow, boring and painful to watch. When Jim Ross who is the best commentators in the companys history starts to mock the match we should all have known it was horrible. A match that only lasted 5 mins felt like it was an hour long. I would try and show you guys some highlights but there wernt any.


Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff 


When you think of SummerSlam you think about the party of the summer for a wrestling fan. The show were we get amazing storylines either beginning or ending. What we don’t expect is for nothing of substance to happen. I mean absolutely nothing. I know that Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff are not trained wrestlers but Shane could put on fun matches from time to time. When creative decides to give them a story I expected them to actually try and give a shit. I was wrong to expect that. We had a few run ins that for the most part made no sense, it went on for way to long and the one thing we wanted to see which was shane beat up Bischoff didn’t really happen. Oh yea and the fight was forgotten about and nothing came from it after.


Team Nexus vs. Team Cena


The Nexus invasion storyline is something that could have been amazing for many of the Young wrestlers careers. But instead we saw most of the team be buried by John Cena. Rumors say that Cena changed the ending of the match which would have originally had the new talent go over. Jericho and Edge both talked to Cena and tried to convince him a Win for Nexus was a win for the company but  instead what we saw was Super Cena pretty much defeat Nexus on his own. After being DDTd on concrete The Doctor of Thuganomics was still able to beat the final two remaining members of Nexus making them look weak. Almost all of Nexus is out of the company now and who knows what a win for them could have done to their careers.

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