Which Games Have the Best Odds?


What other best place to have occasional responsible fun than the casino? People all over the world have a remarkable familiarity with casino games be it tables or just slots. Casino slots, like Betat casino slots, have become so famous over the past few years. There are those who visit casinos just to have fun and find a leisurely way to pass the time. Others, on the other hand, are in it for the payouts and rewards. Regardless of your intention, it is advisable you understand the odds of each game.

All casino games do not offer the same level of odds. What this translates to is that some slots offer you a higher probability of winning. These have favorable odds. The others with bad the odds are downright hard to score. To explain the concept, consider the coin. The odds of a tail or head occurring after a throw are equally half or fifty percent. If however, the head had odds of twenty-five percent, it would mean that in a hundred throws, seventy-five of them would be tails.

Having said that, you should realize by now that there are games that you should stay away from. This article highlights which of those slots have the best odds. We do not want to let you walk into the casino and sit at a game which has a very minimal chance of letting you win. So we have dug deep into the hidden facts to bring you our list of slots with the best odd games.

Defining the House Edge

Let us demystify a term that is key to our explanation. The house edge represents what percentage the operator earns from each gambled unit coin. For example, a house advantage of five percent means that for every a hundred unit stakes, you lose 5. Which means the house has gained the five that you lost. Our ranking has used this measure of the house’s advantage to come up with our list.

Games with Best Odds

The table below gives a list of odds for a few games that we took the time to analyze. Our aim is to give you the leverage you need to compete against the house.


Game Percentage House Edge
Craps 0.60
Blackjack 0.80
Baccarat 1.17
Roulette 2.7
Keno 25


As indicated above, you can see that Craps and Blackjack fall below the one percent threshold. The two are among the games that offer the best odds. So, while you pick your slots, you want to go for the top two for best odds. Baccarat and Roulette follow close by. We included Keno to show how awful its odds can be. Two points to note here;

  • These percentage odds are not exact to every casino. They may vary from one operator to another. However, the variation is minimal. These averagely represent values across a myriad of casinos.
  • When doing the math of odds, you will find that the difference of these slots and others is not much. To come to a conclusive decision, factor in the matter of time. While the difference between them is small, over a long period the variation is quite evident.
  • Blackjack

A most common occurrence in casinos, blackjack is as famous as the slots. This table slot features a less than one percent house edge arguably among the best odds in the industry. The winning hand should not exceed twenty-one in value. If it does, you are bust. The simple basic principle behind the game is to beat the dealer by having the value closest to twenty-one. If that happens, you win. Another way to win is when the dealer’s hand goes beyond twenty-one. That way, they are a bust, and everyone one else in the game wins.

  • Baccarat

This game dates way back and guarantees no benefit for having exceptional skill. Baccarat has close associations to blackjack. The difference is that to win in Baccarat the value of the hand should be as close as possible to nine. Another differentiating characteristic is you cannot employ strategies in Baccarat to influence a win to your side. The game is heavily founded on chance so only your luck should get you along or utterly fail you. Despite this turn-off, many prefer the banker’s hand. The game’s odds are good; that is an obvious advantage none can deny.

  • Craps

Craps is a casino dice game, quite fast-paced but still manageable after mastery of a few to-dos. On the rolling of the dice, you can choose the Pass or Don’t Pass option. The Pass option earns you a win when the shooter’s resulting throw is a seven or eleven. The Pass option losses for a throw corresponding to two or three. If the throw is a twelve, none of the Pass or Don’t Pass bets win.

  • Roulette

Quite the friendly game and not difficult to learn. The dealer sets a black ball rolling on the roulette table. You can place your bet on which slot the ball will land. Bettors are paid if the ball lands on the slots they had placed their stakes on. In addition to that, there are many more bets you can make. Two of those are;

  1. The color on the slot the ball is likely to land on
  2. The range of the numbers of slots the ball will end on

Now that you know, in your next casino visit, look for these games and try them out. Make them your favorites and enjoy the brilliant odds. Avoid the poor-odds games that guarantee the house better wins than yourself. We wish you the best in your slots.


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