6 Moments We Loved in Gotham Academy #1-6


The first arc of Gotham Academy has concluded (get all the issues here at comiXology), and we’ve quickly fallen in love with this cast, including secret-burdened Olive Silverlock, energetic Maps Mizoguchi, snarky Pomeline Fritch, suave Colton Rivera, and silently hunky Kyle Mizoguchi. This creative team — Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, Geyser, Msassyk, Serge LaPointe, Mingjue Helen Chen — has weaved a fun story set within the spooky walls of a Hogwarts-like campus. Here are six moments we loved from the first six issues:


Gotham Academy #6 panel


1. Colton Rivera hustling fireworks in the cafeteria, until Olive knocks over his bag and gets him in trouble. (issue #1)

Every cast needs its comic relief character, and Colton squarely plays that role. Our first introduction to the smooth-talker, who always wears sunglasses indoors, is when he’s trying to make sales during lunch.

2. Pomeline and Heathcliff’s PDA before class. (issue #2)

Gotham Academy #2 Pomeline Heathcliff

Pomeline has the best fashion in this series, and Kerschl highlights the details of her look in this scene: rings, spike necklace, dark nail polish, awesome boots. Is there anything better than Pomeline’s reaction to Olive here? “Mind your own business, creepshow!” Also in this issue: “Smell ya later, bandwagon.”

3. Maps sneaking up on Colton to deliver a secret note when he’s underneath a car. (issue #3)

Maps’ innocent, effervescent personality contrasts perfectly with Olive’s mostly serious scenes. Cloonan and Fletcher do a great job with scenes like this where Maps can be her playful self.

4. Olive and Kyle finally talk! On a dock. Under perfect romantic soft lighting. (issue #3)

Gotham Academy #3 Olive Kyle

It’s never easy opening up about personal stuff when you’re a teen, especially when it’s about family, and especially to your crush! For the first time, we’re clued in to what’s been weighing on Olive. This scene has some of Kerschl and the colorists’ best work in the entire series.

5. Olive standing up to Batman and defending Croc. (issue #6)

Stigmatization of mental illness is a real-life issue that Cloonan and Fletcher translate perfectly to the world of Gotham Academy. Olive’s connection to her mom and her sympathy for Croc are written with authenticity. Can we appreciate how moving Olive and Croc’s scenes together are? I’m not crying, you’re crying.

6. Olive and Maps reuniting after the North Hall collapses and Olive disappears. (issue #6)

Gotham Academy #6 Maps Olive

The heart and soul of this book is Olive and Maps’ friendship, especially Maps’ unabashed devotion to Olive. After this arc reaches its climax with Batman and Croc’s confrontation, Olive emerges unscathed. Maps tackles/hugs Olive and reassures her that she smells great.

What was your favorite moment in Gotham Academy #1-6?

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