A.P. Bio “Dating Toledoans” Review


A.P. BIO — “Dating Toledoans” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Eden Riegel as Katie, Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin — (Photo by Vivian Zink/NBC)

Will he ever make the apple into the trashcan? A new week means new shenanigans from this reluctant teacher.

Now I wasn’t all too surprised to see that Jack would find himself distracted enough this time around that he would be so focused on banging. What I was surprised by was what happened when he finally got around to having that opportunity. The fun in this show tends to be when things don’t go his ways. I absolutely loved how he utterly neglected any thought of teaching. I mean that is what he emphasized from the start, but this time around he barely had a presence in the classroom. Personally I wouldn’t say this is at all a problem. Maybe if your expectation is shenanigans involving him taking place within the school, then maybe there is a problem. However, it is good to know that they can think outside of the box considering the focus is assumed to be on Jack more than the students.

This all leading to Jack reluctantly agreeing to go out on the town with Mary, Stef and Michelle was a great way to focus on more of the cast without creating too many side-stories. Clearly this was going to be their way of helping Jack get a win, though the anticipation was in where this would go wrong. For everything that Jack boasts about his sexual exploits and what not, they did not pull punches in all the ways that he actually strikes out. This could be because he already lost everything, or this could be how it always is for Jack. Heck, he was probably even jumping for simpler targets compared to those who would see through him instantly. Having Mary, Stef and Michelle also shook things up considering they themselves aren’t the type to mince words with what is on their minds. They are the right group of friends to appreciate having a better handle on him than the students ever could.

A.P. BIO — “Dating Toledoans” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Lyric Lewis as Stef, Mary Sohn as Mary, Jean Villepique as Michelle, Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin — (Photo by Vivian Zink/NBC)

It was gold when Jack could finally run into someone just like him. That is something new and worth the experience to see what happens when he sees himself in the mirror. That created the perfect time to address what happens when Jack begins to notice what has been taking for granted. Probably a rare occurrence, but no time like the present to prove that there can be layers to Jack. I think we all do love his shenanigans, yet there is no harm done by finding moments where you can actually take him seriously. Even for just a brief moment.

Principal Durbin feeling threatened when Helen fills in for him on the school’s morning announcements was pretty entertaining. There are so many other things that probably should be prioritized in the school, but somehow in a Durbin-like manner he managed to turn this into something ridiculous. With that said, the brilliance of this episode came when the neglect of the classroom took a big turn as Jack dropped bombs on their laps only to walk away. That lapse of time leading to what troubles he stirred within the class was one of the better scenes when it wasn’t exactly Jack who was the problem. He was the source, but he finally found some way to get them to focus on something that had nothing at all to do with the class, and everything about them personally.

A.P. Bio “Dating Toledoans” was another solid episode that had some fun with character flaws, but also took the opportunity to show that these characters can grow in the process. We all know that when it comes to someone like Jack, the madness will begin anew next week, but these obstacles aren’t to be overlooked regardless.

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