A.P. Bio “Durbin Crashes” Review


A.P. BIO — “Durbin Crashes” Episode 109 — Pictured: Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

After the event of last week’s episode, the bar was raised through proving that not all is as predictable as you would think. Some things are a given in the case of Jack’s desires, but they have found other ways to catch us off guard. Having some element of surprise to the plot is crucial for a show like A.P. Bio as it must be stressed that there is only so much that you can do with a show set in a school before you’re doing what everyone else has done or is doing.

Given the title of this episode, it was only a matter of time before we had an episode where Durbin was the center of attention. He tends to fall to the background and doesn’t see as much of the spotlight as the rest of the teachers. It made sense being the principal which tends to create a divide between those like him and everyone else. Durbin has been revealed to be a complicated man which in turn made him easier to grow on. Even more complicated than him was his marriage. Seeing both sides of the troubles in that marriage was unexpected, though not too much at the same time thinking about the kind of person who would fall for Durbin. Truthfully I might also say that he is a mess of a person, but being exposed to Jack this much also unfolded a new side to Durbin explored. He’s not always goofy, or frantic, or full of positivity. Jack opened some doors that will be difficult to close for better or for worse.

Jack may not have had the best of intentions when it came to helping Durbin, but they shook things up fast seeing how he could do something helpful for a change. Getting more than he bargained for was a plus because not too often will you want to reward Jack for going out of his way to be a good friend. With that said, it was no shocking that Jack could still find some way for things to be about him. Especially when it comes to trying to have sex. Its comical at this point considering how he goes after what is pretty much unattainable. Surely we would all like to see him find someone his speed in the near future. Until then, that time isn’t coming too soon.

A.P. BIO — “Durbin Crashes” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Patton Oswalt as Principal Durbin, Mary Sohn as Mary — (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

It was only a matter of time that the show got back to Jack trying to destroy Miles. The students continue to capture your attention when there is much more to them than simply being the supporting role. There is more fun to them when they are going out of their way to be involved. Pushing themselves to try partying was a good first step, then there was their increasing snarky responses to Jack’s shenanigans, and now this week brought out something new considering their enthusiasm to help Jack get revenge against Miles. That said, it was gold taking in what wasn’t seen on the surface through their attempt to ruin Miles. There was always going to be something more to their scheming, but it helped that they could allow the influence of Jack to take them to some wild places. Him rubbing off on them is the worst case scenario any day of the week, yet that toxicity from Jack is what makes him so entertaining.

A.P. Bio “Durbin Crashes” lived up to the title when the principal finally finds out the hard way what it means to listen to Jack of all people. You would think Durbin might get the message by now after everything ring Jack has put him through. Sadly for him he is a creature of habit like everyone else. Fortunate for us we have the pleasure of humor at his expense and those who have to deal with him.

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