A.P. Bio Season Finale “Drenching Dallas” Review


A.P. BIO — “Drenching Dallas” Episode 113 — Pictured: Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin — (Photo by Colleen Hayes/NBC)

A.P. Bio has caught me by surprise this first season. I never truly knew what to expect from this as a comedy considering the use of school and teachers can be hit or miss. For the most part I would say that they hit the mark with their approach to the things that can be ridiculous about a teacher who is more interested in his own personal affairs than the idea of teaching kids what they are supposed to learn. Tonight was an episode to look forward to after the bomb dropped on Jack’s lap last week.

Jack being given the position he was fighting for as head of the philosophy department at Stanford did not happen the way you would have thought it would. You would have thought he might do more damage before taking the position, or more directly forcing Miles out of the university. So with that said, one had to wonder what Jack would do with this opportunity once it finally came? Would he actually take it? Could he have a change of heart? Is there a chance that this could be more than he bargained for? The questions pour in, yet the what followed was nothing more than what you expected from Jack. It was only predictable when it came down to where things would go wrong for Jack. For a show like this, the possibilities are already set in stone for certain characters. To get that full experience from Jack, he needs to be able to see that he can’t have everything for better or for worse. Normally that is also when we get the best response out of the guy.

The student’s revenge mission was very much welcomed when in the end they do deserve their own misadventure. It goes without saying that some of the better episodes were when they found themselves either playing a stronger role, or just being more involved in what was going on around them. This was a step in the right direction once they were able to dip deep into the well of corruption that Jack sunk them into. The plan was great, the enthusiasm, and the build-up to the moment. Everything pretty much came down to who could stomach going through with legitimate revenge. When you’ve seen how far Jack was willing to go to hurt Miles, there’s an air of uncertainty that they could handle the way they might feel after. In the instance that it was time to pull off their scheme, it was more fitting that they would be challenged, but the execution they nailed. Jack trying to help the kids wasn’t too out of character for him at this point. If it were helping them as a class this would be a different story, but what he gets them tangled up in was more up his alley. Even while this was Jack’s bread and butter, it was also not too surprising the form that his help actually took.

A.P. BIO — “Drenching Dallas” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Mary Sohn as Mary, Lyric Lewis as Stef, Jean Villepique as Michelle — (Photo by Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Knowing how this would turn out in the end, it was important that the follow-up to the revenge scheme and supposed departure was something genuine to hype up the idea that this story isn’t over. To that extent they were on to something even if there’s a lot you have to do in order to keep a show like this going fresh.

Mary, Stef and Michelle believing they’ve discovered an otherworldly presence was scratching the surface for absurdity. I recall when first introduced to these teachers thinking that they would be contrasting to Jack. However, it did not take long for them to jump from one shenanigan to the next. Freaking out over the idea of ghosts in the school was as ridiculous as it gets, though at the same time the fun was in how they proceeded to deal with this discovery.

A.P. Bio “Drenching Dallas” had a lot of moving pieces that were fairly transparent, but regardless they managed to grab us through the focus on a bond forged through chaos. I didn’t think it would be possible to genuinely care for these characters the way I have this season. It’s a great feeling to be proven wrong that there can be depth on top of the humor. If this is the end for A.P. Bio, I think I was left satisfied. If not? I wouldn’t mind seeing how far they can continue to push the madness of this world.

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