A.P. Bio “Walleye” Review


A.P. BIO — “Walleye” Episode 112 — Pictured: (l-r) Jacob McCarthy as Devin, Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Last week was a good week for Jack. Like I said before, Jack is just not the guy to underestimate. Even when he seems so lost and frantic about his vengeance, he is not the guy to take lightly. Now with that said, he’s slowly proving to be someone who just may have a heart underneath all that darkness. That may not show again for a while, but all the same it is good to know that not everything has to be bitter for the guy.

It was a good feeling to be proven wrong as to how ridiculous Jack could get. Reading that Jack would successfully convince Miles that Devin is his illegitimate son threw me for a loop. That just about scratches the ceiling as to how petty the man can get given the right idea. Now of course the beauty of this scheme was in the execution and the reaction. It was perfect for the fact that Devin was very convincing, and Miles, well you already know how he can be about these surprises. While Miles was predictable, you can’t argue with the fun in how it will take a lot to bring him down. Right now you could truly say that he is the polar opposite of Jack which makes it impossible not to see why he hates Miles. I would say it’s what follows which sticks the landing.

As far as student involvement goes, this was another great opportunity to shine a light on one of them who doesn’t stand out enough. Some get a little more exposure or dialogue than others, so times like this are perfect to allow others to shake things up. When Devin isn’t being the prince of darkness, he proves that there is much more to him than what we see on the surface. I’m not going to lie, I could pretty much see how this was going to end from the start. When you have an idea of the kind of kid Devin is, and the kind of guy that Miles is, you can piece together the end result quite easily.

What happened with Jack getting what he wanted was a long time coming. They handled the moment very well considering there had to be some backlash to these attacks against Miles. Was he truly someone who deserves the hate? This episode answered that question without a doubt. The student reaction was on point since at this point they should be able to figure out how right or wrong all of this is for themselves.

A.P. BIO — “Walleye” Episode 112 — Pictured: Tom Bennett as Miles — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

This was the most we have seen from Miles which was welcomed. Before he was just a face thrown at Jack to make him jealous of the life he could have had. Now he is given more room to express himself and prove that Jack’s assumptions about him just may be as absurd as expectation. I think I was also warming up to him which changes a lot about wanting to see Jack succeed with his plans.

With the week before focusing on Durbin taking his job seriously, it wasn’t too hard to believe that he would go back to his old ways soon after. Its pretty much set in stone that he’s not that kind of principal. Especially if the big thing for him this time around is the theme for a dance. Mary, Stef and Michelle clashing on the Sadie Hawkins dance theme with Durbin made sense with context. This was also one of the rare moments where I would take their choice over his. Nonetheless there was some substance to take out of this clashing of ideas since the three for once had to humble themselves.

A.P. Bio “Walleye” was a roller coaster of emotions, which is not a sentence I thought I would right about a show like this. I suppose it is refreshing that right now they can strike a balance between humor, character development, and story. It all blended very well tonight and next week looks to take things a step further with the bomb dropped on Jack’s lap at the end.

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