About Us


Hey Steven Merced here, The GON Founder and Editor-in-chief. So Geeked Out Nation is a website that brings readers reviews on movies, video games, comic books, TV and pretty much anything in “geek culture” anyone would want to hear about.

We were created in the summer of 2013 and slowly began to work are way into the media. Although we are a small website we are still filled with a lot of dedicated writers and look to grow every day. We learn through criticism and praise, in hopes of becoming better writers.

A little bit about Steven Merced and what led to the GON creation.

Steven was born in Puerto Rico and currently resides in a small town outside of New York City. When Steven was young he realized that he wasn’t like everyone else and he garnered a passion for film and television like no one he knew. Steven studied the world of Media Communications in college and fell in love with everything film related.

Later on in life he figured that why pretend to be someone you’re not to please others when you can love what you love in life and be happy forever, this lead to Steven opening his mind to other passions besides film. He was introduced to the world of Television with shows like “Friends” and “Lost” which to him really showed off what you can do with a passion for the things you love. Steven was introduced to the YouTube film community about two years ago but never imagined that he would be a part of it. He saw YouTubers like The Schmoes and Jeremy Jahns and never imagined he would want to do it as well.

Steven later became inspired by a show titled The Totally Rad Show which was about a couple of guys who loved loving things and sharing their opinions on them. When he saw that it was possible to do these kind of things and get a response in the social media he realized he had to be a part of it in some way. His first reviews although choppy, poorly edited and about things that many people out there were not interested in, were to him amazing and fun to create.

In 2013 Steven wanted to create a place where people like him could come and express their love of things they love with others. So he decided to create a website where this would be possible. Over the year the site has gone through changes and it has grown bigger then what Steven could have imagined. Many writers have joined and some of these writers have stepped up and become essential parts of the websites future.

Now that 2014 is here Steven and his staff are planning on doing a lot of great things with the website. The GON staff sees that the sky is the limit for people with a love and passion for everything that there is to love in the media world. Trust us you’ve never met a team like the ones over at GON before, we are what you would call a rare breed,  ones not afraid to admit they are geeks and also not one to shy away from the normal standards thrust upon them.

Everyone should live their lives by two things. Number 1 “Love Loving Things” don’t be the person who is negative all the time when you will be much happier if you open your heart to new things and allow awesome to come in.  Number 2 try to geek out every day no matter what it’s about, geeking out about something you love is all a part of the fun in life so take time to do it and you will be a more positive person.

Hope that you join us on our journey here at Geeked Out Nation and never be afraid to be yourself.