Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Episode 11″ The Magical Place”


Agent Coulson has been missing for 36 hours and Victoria Hand is assigned to lead S.H.I.E.L.D.’s efforts to rescue Phil Coulson where they apprehend Mr. Vanchat during one of his business deals. Meanwhile, Agent Ward having the roof opened in the interrogation room to get answers on Project Centipede, Mr. Vanchat supplies S.H.I.E.L.D. with information on her.Skye is believed to be untrustworthy, and after consulting with May, who says Skye would not be helpful to the mission while on the Bus,Agent Hand has Skye removed from the Bus.However Agent Ward has her a satellite cellphone so she can stay in contact. Meanwhile Phil Coulson finds himself locked away inside a room and is being asked questions about his death.

Agents-of-SHIELD-The-Magical-Place-3Sky now on her on for awhile puts herself to work on finding Agent Coulson.Unable to access computers directly, she impersonates May and coerces Lloyd Rathman, a businessman of questionable dealings, to assist her into hacking into secure files. Coulson is initially tortured by Po, who tells him that the Clairvoyant cannot get the information they want because the Clairvoyant has been unable to sense Coulson since his resurrection. The Clairvoyant decides that Po’s methods are ineffective and kills him through his cell phone, after which Raina assumes Coulson’s interrogation. Coulson also curious himself allows Raina to active the machine that will use theta waves to unlock his subconscious.

Coulson experiences flashbacks in which a reluctant Dr. Streiten and others were operating on him. During these flashbacks, Coulson’s skullcap was removed and his brain was being directly stimulated by a robotic apparatus, while Coulson begged to be allowed to die.  Later, Coulson confronts Dr. Streiten, who tells Coulson he had been dead days, not minutes, and was permanently resurrected at the orders of Director Fury. Streiten reveals that after his revival, Coulson had become a “thing”, having lost the will to live. Because of this, the doctors manipulated Coulson’s brain to give him false memories and restore his will to live.

Mike Peterson is alive in an unknown location. He is badly burned and his right leg has been amputated and the centipede bracelet now attached to his arm. As he looks into the mirror he realizes his right eye has been replaced with  one of the controlling eyes implanted in him by someone working for the Clairvoyant.

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Finally we know what happened to Agent Coulson

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