Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Eye Spy – Recap


We start in Sergel’s Square in Stockholm Sweden, where a group of men in wearing suits and red masks carrying briefcases handcuffed to their wrists make their way through the crowd. And for some reason nobody really notices them, a few people react to them but not many. A group of men in red masks walking through a crowded area and almost no one even bothers to give them a second look. The men make their way to a subway station now followed by a girl they passed in the square. Once on a train the girl knocks out the lights takes down the entire group of red masks, and cuts off the hand off of one of them to steal his briefcase. A briefcase we then see is filled with diamonds.

Then we cut to the bus where Coulson has a brief exchange with May. Fitz and Simmons show new tech to Ward and Skye is sitting in the SUV because she misses her van. Coulson explains to Skye that someone is stealing large quantities of diamonds, and they are off to the subway car where our mystery lady stole the briefcase.

After almost no investigation, the agents use social media to find their suspect. Its a good thing they flew all the way to Sweden just to check instagram, huh? Back on the bus Coulson recognizes the suspect as Akela Amadore and dramatically reveals that he trained her. May wants to call in reinforcements but Coulson wants to hold off on that call. And we have this week’s explanation to why S.H.E.I.L.D only has this one group of agents. Once alone Coulson tells Skye how he had failed Amadore and why he feels responsible for her actions.

Once that very clichéd scene is over we see Amadore in a hotel room, she trades the diamonds for some sort of card. Then the agents are in Zloda Belarus, and Fitz Simmons have one of their “we’re super brilliant” conversations that only exist to remind us they are smarter than everyone. Coulson and Ward set off to find Amadore leaving Skye and the others behind in a van. Just as Fitz Simmons, and Skye unscramble a video feed and realize Amadore is onto them, she rams their van pushing them into a ditch but leaving them unharmed.

Back to the bus again, where the agents learn the video feed they had tracked is coming from Amadore’s eye and that she is being controlled by someone else. A scene in Coulson’s office gives us another peek into Skye’s crappy childhood as she makes a joke about her mom and dad fighting.

May takes off to bring in Amadore on her own. She confronts Amadore in her hotel room,only to learn Amadore has a fail safe in her robot eye and her handler will kill her if she let’s May leave alive. Then a short fight and just as Amadore is about to shoot May, Coulson shows up and subdues her at the last moment saving May and capturing Amadore. He just has to do everything doesn’t he?

Using special glasses Ward takes Amadore’s place on her mission. He breaks into a research facility looks at a drawing on a chalk board, that could be some kind of alien equation. Of course nobody has ever seen anything like it.

Meanwhile Fitz Simmons surgically remove Amadore’s eye. But just as they are completing the removal Ward’s cover is blown. And the fail safe is activated seconds after the robot eye has been safely removed, and Amadore is safe. As Ward makes his escape Coulson locates Amadore’s handler only to watch him die as someone activates a fail safe inside the handler’s head.

Back on the bus Coulson turns Amadore over to other S.H.I.E.L.D agents for a trial. And Amadore asks May what “they” did to Coulson, giving us another bread crumb to the mystery of how Coulson survived the Loki attack in the Avengers movie.

All in all this was a really good episode. It was very enjoyable, we had a nice little action sequence as Ward escaped from the research facility, lots of cool tech from Fitz Simmons, and Coulson being Coulson. The humor was drawn back a little, there were still funny parts but it didn’t feel like they were trying as hard to be funny. It may be that the show is taking itself more seriously, and thankfully cutting back on the one-liners but this episode felt much different than the previous ones, different in a good way. Hopefully this episode marks the direction the rest of the series is headed.

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The show has been slowly improving with each episode, but this time it took a much bigger leap.Definitely worth a watch.

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