Arrow “The Magician” Review


This weeks episode Ollie is still hunting Sara’s killer after Nessa comes back looking for her. It had a few interesting moments with a lot of information coming out. Things are about to get very interesting for Arrow and the group. On a very positive note Ollie wasn’t extremely emotional this episode.

We start this week where we left off last week with Nessa in the Arrow cave. She is looking for Sara who she says was on assignment for the League but doesn’t say what it was. After Ollie tells her that she is dead she goes to visit Sara’s grave and Ollie has Roy follow her until she stops at Sara’s safe house where she lets Oliver know that Malcolm Merlyn is alive. Oliver meets with Thea and she says she is buying back the club with the help of investors. The flashback scenes with Oliver is quite interesting, we see more of what he was doing when he was “dead” as well as how he became a killer and how smart he always has been. Some of the scenes with Laurel are intriguing, seeing not only her interactions with Nessa but also her determination to help track down Sara’s murderer. Once they track down a lead they come in direct contact with Merlyn and Arrow tags him instead of kills him, which everyone is not happy with. Nessa kidnaps Thea to draw out Merlyn and a battle between Nessa, Merlyn and Ollie ensues.


Some of the interesting things in this episode is that even though Ollie isn’t a killer any more he is willing to believe Malcolm immediately at his word. Thea also is hiding everything from Ollie, there are a few times in this episode where her lying makes no sense except for her turning against her brother. It’s very obvious that Merlyn and Thea are up to something but why she would join him in whatever it is against Ollie. It’s obvious that Oliver knows she is hiding something but he isn’t sure what, at this point she reveals things to him when she needs to and that is going to make him realize what it is sooner. The whole episode was about secrets and decisions, Thea and Malcolm’s secrets and Ollie’s decision of letting Merlyn go. Laurel’s also continuing down the path to replace Sara as the Canary.

They packed a lot into this episode and without giving things away about the ending next week is going a very interesting episode. Building on everything with Thea/Merlyn vs Oliver dynamic including Thea even telling Nessa her father has been dead for years shows that the lies are very deep. Why Thea is keeping everything so secretive is still a mystery that we will learn as the season progresses. We still don’t know who killed Sara but we have more of an idea why she was killed. Oliver also seems to be having an internal conflict of integrity, he has vowed not to kill again but we him really fight with himself about it. The fallout from this episode is going to be long lasting and it gets started next week.

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Overall it was a good episode and built on a lot of the lingering plot lines already this season. It had action and excitement without the over emotional trend that this season has already had.

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