Attack on Titan “Bystander” Review


It’s a weird time when some of these shows are fighting the ability to keep a season going without the sudden abrupt weeks where an episode won’t air. That said, here we are with the latest episode following the termination of Rod Reiss’ massive titan, and Historia’s coronation as the new Queen. The world is changing, and that makes what happens from this point out in the series crucial.

Character writing and development shined from the start of this episode and again reminded us of what separates this third season from the other two. For as much action as the other two seasons delivered, there is truth to the statement that there was much more style to them than actual substance. This season has proved as such when there is less reliance upon titan fights to generate excitement. The thrill so far has been in uncovering the truth and how these characters better respond to the dangers around them. Two of those who have stood out are Historia and Eren. In this episode, their conversations grabbed your attention for their improved outlook on this world and the decisions they will need to make in order to preserve it.

World-building I can’t stress enough is key to progress for a series like Attack on Titan. It was imperative that at the right moments they took advantage of where humanity could take steps forward from their encounters. To see where they improved from their conflict with Rod Reiss was big in my book. No stone was left un-turned when it came to what their discoveries did for war efforts and their resources. This is a series where every little thing adds up. Especially when what drives many f these characters is hope. Without that, they are back to square one like the driveling loud-mouths they were episode one.

With that said, I enjoyed the other things that popped up as well while these characters had the time to reflect upon recent events. It was good to see that many of them had changed enough that there was nothing in front of them aside from gaining knowledge and truth to what remains a mystery. Personally it made a big difference to also see how these characters work off of one another to keep each other in check. Some say this character should have died or that character should have died because the manga. Yet we have gotten so much more out of what they have to offer as people with different perspectives to take direction from. This all leading to this so-called bystander was just what we needed when it came time to take that next step towards understanding Eren’s father like from the manga. The story he had to tell didn’t give us too much information that is key aside from what we already know, but it was heartwarming to finally have someone with some knowledge of the world before the walls came crashing down.

Attack on Titan “Bystander” was an excellent use of this week’s episode to address where humanity stands now with more resources to take back their walls, and the mindset they have to be in in order to accomplish this task. These characters couldn’t have found themselves in a better place mentally, and that is the best transformation you could ever ask for from a series like this. Look at episode one versions of these characters, and look at them now. That is progress to give credit to.

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