Attack on Titan “Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall” Review


This has to be a painful week for anyone who has been as impressed with this third season of Attack on Titan the way I have. Pretty crazy to wake up one day, only to read that they have decided to put the other half of the season on hiatus till next year. Surely I’m not the only one feeling some sort of way about this. Now with that said, we still have this one episode to go before then. Last week’s episode was a good build-up to what these scouts have been working towards the better part of this season so far. Reaching a point where they can reclaim

Talking points were a bit stressful knowing that this is it until next year, but it was worth it when at this time we need to know where everyone’s head is at when it comes time to retake the wall. Not only did we need to know that, we also needed to know that everyone was on the same page about the plans for humanity between uncovering what’s in that basement, and what comes after that. The heated argument between Levi and Erwin was very engaging for establishing how important this is for someone like Erwin. He breaks the mold when nothing is valued more than uncovering the truth of this world. It makes sense of everything he has sacrificed, and every line he has been willing to cross for that finish line.

The smaller moments were something to appreciate as well. When so much can go wrong with the mission to take back Wall Maria, it is appreciated when you can experience these simple periods of time. Even if they are fleeting. It also goes without saying that these were important times to show viewers that yes Sasha and Conny are still worth keeping around. They have value on the field, and they also have value when it comes down to personality that others can’t offer themselves. Speaking of personality, I loved seeing an Eren who is more like himself again. When you shed the weight of the world and his need to mope about what he is, that is the kind of main character you want to see more of.

It was memorable that everything could lead to a moment that was nostalgic for Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Those old days will ever return for these three, but that never means that they can’t share a scene that reminds you of the bond they have which is stronger than with anyone else.

What disappointment to take from this episode is the fact that we weren’t going to actually get around to the retaking of the wall. It only took about ten minutes into the episode for me to realize this, and from there simply went along for the ride as this episode took an approach towards substance over style. When you look at it that way, you do struggle to argue with the way this episode began and ended. It was no different from the majority of these episodes which focused on a stronger storytelling than display of action.

Attack on Titan “Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall” was all build-up, but there was no taking away the heart that was put into every moment. This is a send-off that will change everything, so you want to remember the things that are worth saving and holding on to, before everything goes to ****. April next year is going to be a horrible wait, but damn did they hit us with one heck of a five second tease of what’s to come when the battle takes place. If you stopped before the end credits, go back and watch all the way through!

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