Attack on Titan “Old Story” Review


Some may say that this season may be going a bit fast, but anything is an improvement over episodes of screaming and nothing getting done. With a series like this, you need progress and action taken of any form. This third season is providing us with so much of that and more. Surprisingly accomplishing much of this in only three episodes so far. After the events of the first two episodes, I wouldn’t mind one where it was more informative than anything else. Knowledge is power at a time like this where the fight is with humanity as much as it is with Titans.

Through “Old Story”, little time was wasted in diving into one of the biggest secrets inside the wall. It started with the reveal that the Reiss Family is the real ruler inside the wall, which means that King Fritz is not really powerful. Then this took the form of addressing how Eren is in danger from those who want the power of his Titan form for themselves. In a world where trust is so scarce, it only makes sense that the government would become a problem where they want to be the only ones with the power to make change or keep things the same. Before we get into that, it’s important to first acknowledge the craziness that is the Reiss family trying to take back what is theirs. While one would support a possible change in power, what does it mean when that time comes? Especially when you also know what will be done to Eren by those who understand how Titan transformations work. The story of Historia was heartbreaking, but that was what you expected from this girl who seemed discarded and out of place.

The interesting thing about this is wondering why Erwin is involved in this mess, and what made him recollect his own past. He hasn’t been terribly relevant yet, so this was a leap to include him through a flashback. For me, I felt that his actions in the present were more crucial than what you needed to understand about the past. That’s not to say that his story didn’t give us the full exploration of what makes him tick that we never got before, but if you weren’t already a fan of Erwin before, his current leadership skills even in confinement was nothing short of commendable. The story of his past only gave more clarity to what drives his actions beyond being another puppet used by the government. He is someone who thinks steps ahead, cares little about what he has to sacrifice for what he thinks is right (his arm), and sees the big picture where other people think only of what makes them afraid in the moment. His situation may not be the most convenient, or one that you would wish upon others, but if you looked for the genuine article for what it means to stand for what you believe in, Erwin was the perfect representation.

It goes without saying how much I have admired the growth of Hange since the first season like Erwin. She was never someone I initially disliked, but she started off as someone who wasn’t entirely asking the right questions, even if she was on the right track. Now that she understands the game and what is at stake, she is dangerous for her ability to access things in a way that others only imagined they could. Not to mention she knows how to cross a line to get the response she desires.

What’s so  crazy about what we discover by the end of Attack on Titan “Old Story” is how hard it is to figure out what we are supporting. If we root for Levi’s Squad, are we not in turn supporting an ignorant society that needs a wake-up call? Do we support the Titans who in some way probably aren’t the real enemy? No matter how you look at it, this is a war where you are simply bracing for the worst from both sides. It made all the difference to now have the confirmation as to how evil humanity can be when authority is challenged.

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