Attack on Titan “Outside the Walls of Orvud District” Review


I was speechless last week when it came to Historia breaking free from this life she was about to be thrown into. There was a critical error to being a Founding Titan, and you couldn’t help but love the way she snuffed it out to make the right choice about her future. This leading to a chilling understanding of why Rod Reiss couldn’t become a titan made this episode highly anticipated. How do you fight something that big? This twist already tops their past confrontation with the Colossal Titan.

I gotta say. They almost lost me this episode with the slump that Eren found himself in. It was a strange time when you’re sitting here rooting for Hostoria more than him because he goes back to that whiny attitude where he just can’t figure out what’s right. To an extent you can’t blame him when a bomb is dropped on his lap when it comes to the truth of the Founding Titan power, and how he got the Attack Titan power. However, this doesn’t change the fact that he should be able to think for himself at this stage without being so easily swayed or guilted because he is emotionally weak. I mean, I think we would have said that was Historia up to this point. Yet look how she turned things around so fast as someone who knows how to assess the information given to her and make a bold decision based off of it. Everything from that big moment of hers was commendable since this is that time where he invest our time in those who can ask the right questions to break from the mold.

Now how they escaped from the cave was pretty cool. I was not prepared for what it would take to escape what would have been their tomb. The snap decision made to save themselves turned things around for Eren, but it was the pep-talk from the rest that stood out even more. I can’t get enough about how the others matured so much in a short amount of time. To take the risks they have, to speak plainly with confidence in their actions, and tell someone to nut-up who doesn’t need to be crying when lives are in danger.

I was a bit disappointed that there was no conflict this episode, but the build-up and conversation was worth it. As I said above, this season is a big step-up in engagement for these characters. They have come to a place where unnecessary screaming and crying is both unneeded and unwanted. It gets nothing done, and the characters have become self-aware of this enough that more time is put into actually discussing things within reason. Historia had such an evolution in such a short amount of time. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a character turn from background to something so considerable. Simple soldier, daughter of royalty, and her new role? I don’t think it would have worked half as well if it were not the way she adapted to all of these changes. Especially this latest one that put her maturity to the test. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what she has to bring to the table as someone with a worthy perspective of the world around her and what it should look like.

Attack on Titan “Outside the Walls of Orvud District” is more set-up and conversation than action, but like most episodes this season, that is not at all a bad thing. These characters are progressing, and are more fun to follow when able to talk and strategize like people who know what they’re doing.

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