Attack on Titan “Reply” Review


You either follow blindly, or you act with an awareness of what’s really going on around you. That was the message sent last week, and they sent it perfectly. This human war is the best tension we have ever had between people because the emotions are real. We aren’t seeing over-the-top reactions, charades, or roles played. Everyone is fairly upfront about their intentions, and that is when this fight for the future of humanity becomes more believable.

From the start of this episode, as if there wasn’t anymore Erwin could say or do to make you appreciate him as a character, he does it again with one of the best written dialogues for someone like him. The minute he told his “friend” that after what he had to say, they would have to decide for themselves what to do next, you knew that he was about to say everything he had to say. When living in a world where the truth is your greatest weapon, they made him the deadliest guy in the room given the floor to say his last words before being sent to his death. Arguing with the government, this was also an intense scene considering they knew exactly how they wanted to take him down. Not for anything as petty as what initially got him restrained, but for the intent of villainous his need to use Eren, and in turn having too much power to command on his own. Bold of course since they aren’t being too subtle about saying that they wanted to share in the power of a Titan themselves.

What truly gets your heart pumping about this episode was how the rial concluded. On one end it was predictable because it had to be, but on the other hand they shook things up in a big way for what was actually set in motion to take place. Erwin’s plan was nothing short of brilliant as someone who thought steps ahead to make sure that people’s eyes were opened to what was unfolding around them. Honestly, we are only five episodes into this new season, and this is some of the best storytelling they have told in a long while. The kind where characters speak plainly instead of shouting every other syllable. It is a refreshing change of pace when we have character moments to look forward to than action scenes.

Catching up with Squad Levi, it wasn’t too surprising how that ambush ended up, but it was nice to see how the atmosphere around them changed once they were brought up to speed about what was going on in the city. The only thing that threw me for a bit of a loop was the time-lapse that these events were on. It gets the wheels turning once you realize that everything wasn’t exactly happening at the same time.

Attack on Titan “Reply” was everything you could have hoped for and more to come out of this trial for Erwin. He stepped up to the plate and rocked the very foundation  of the world around these people. Knowledge is power, but even then we are now left to question what comes of the new direction that humanity has to take in order to survive. Some could be disappointed that we didn’t actually get around to a rescue attempt for Eren and Historia, but I honestly would rather an episode put into this fully fleshed out. Especially now when this has become a race against time.

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