Attack on Titan “Ruler of the Walls” Review


This season has been pretty tame as far as Titan fights have been concerned, but this is the first time where that line will be crossed when what is probably the biggest Titan finds itself on course to the walls of Orvud District. Will this be a problem they can throw more people at? Or will they finally reach a point where Eren will be the one they put their faith in to get the job done? Either way there is a lot that is going on this week, and hoping the pacing kicks up higher, we just may get to all that we want to see.

The urgency of this new situation was set from the minute the guns started firing. They were quick to set the obstacles of this new challenge, where they were lacking, and what they needed to do in order to get the job done. This was a big moment for many, but none more than Erwin who had to once again put his money where his mouth is with a big gamble. There’s one thing that you had to give credit to through this Titan attack. This really is a nostalgic moment that goes right back to episode one. Another colossal titan arriving at a wall, and no one on the other side is prepared for the first sight. The only difference of course being that there are soldiers ready to confront the Titan. Well actually, not the only difference. The big difference would be the sense of genuine horror that even we can share in because of the Titan itself. From the way that it dragged itself across the ground, who could have prepared for how that Titan would actually look when its face and body are exposed? I sure as heck was not. That was the very definition of abnormal.

When the time came to make a move, it was all pretty straightforward. I know that some would probably look forward to some big slugfest because Eren is involved, but as I said above, there’s a lot to address in the span of one episode. Much more that goes beyond simply attacking. The creativeness of the plan put into motion, on top of each moment of succession is what made it memorable as a whole effort.

For this episode being called “Ruler of the Walls”, I enjoyed how they continued to push Historia past the person she used to be before all of this. With every new challenge, she has adapted and grown with the world around her. That is the kind of character you can really get behind in a series like this. I like the things that Eren can do as a Titan, but honestly that’s as far as it goes for me. He doesn’t show her kind of strength, and still there are a number of others right behind Historia who you would see as stronger before Eren. A problem to address for another time, but for now there is the admiration for how this girl rises to the occasion after being given such a huge opportunity to lead humanity in a different direction.

At the start of this episode, I was glad that they quickly weeded out the irritatingly cowardly screaming. Nothing hurts my engagement in this series more than the random people who just start screaming for no reason at all than because they are too scared to see logic.

Attack on Titan “Ruler of the Walls” was worthy of the hype. This Titan was a sight to see when it lifted its face, and it took something big to put it back down. Rushed is only rushed if you get to the end and nothing gets done. That was not the case with this week’s episode, and that made it satisfying for the anticipation leading up to it.

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