Attack on Titan Season 3 Premiere “Smoke Signal” Review


When someone tells you an amazing anime created from an amazing manga series is coming to an end because they can’t be bothered to keep it going, that hurts your motivation to see things through to the end. Yet here we are, and it is because Attack on Titan is one of those that sends chills down your spine and leaves you still coming back for more. With each season end or end of story arc, the war changes. It evolves and this time around we are tuned in to see what happens when humanity puts their faith in the idea that Titans can fix their problems.

At the start of this season they laid down the foundation for what we had to expect from our core characters. The ones who would stand out from the rest of the soldiers, while at the same time progress things in the case of using Titans for their own benefit. Everything about who they chose was smart since there was less room for the random yelling, and everyone was pretty much on the same page about their goals. Even under pressure, there was way more professionalism shared between them that you had to appreciate. Having Levi as this squad’s leader led to nothing but the best result, particularly when their biggest worry was other people who would try to interfere with their work towards using the Titan hardening ability. Their attempt witnessed was interesting because they proved once again that there are things they can’t control without proper knowledge of the human-titan hybrid.

Seeing the higher ups more open-minded about the Titans has been the biggest joy to come of this series. If one thing I always nagged about, it was how flawed to a point of irritation some of these people could be. Acting on pure idiocy rather than human nature. We act out of fear, but some of them were outrages to the point of being unconvincing of their actions. A problem if you ask me that needed to be resolved sooner rather than later. So having Levi and those of his like step-up with capability was all you could ask for. Especially when they know what it will take in order to fight back. This also includes Hange Zoë who I feel has stepped up even further than most with her ability to access problems on a larger scale. She gets things others don’t about the Titans, and she can also see through others around her who aren’t one-hundred percent trustworthy.

Of course this wouldn’t be Attack on Titan if everything was perfect on the human side. Seeing that they could still get in their own way was disheartening, but seeing that it was not in the predictable way was a better change in pace. What they added to this season to keep things appealing is conspiracy. Finding out that there were those with hidden knowledge of the Titans and the wall wasn’t enough. Now was the time for us to see what happens when you ask too many questions, stumble unto one too many answers, and shake enough leaves for those who kept those secrets to react.

This new foe that they have somewhat introduced us to? That was a terrifying note to end this episode on. All I would say without spoiler is that this is what happens when you bring a blade to a gun fight.

Was this Attack on Titan season 3 premiere worth the wait? I would say it was and they found a new way to get our blood pumping again. Fear is in the unknown, and there is so much of that floating around whether dealing with the Titans or humans. When you don’t know who to trust on either side, you are going to be bracing for the worst at every turn. The feeling is great when you can jump into a new season and they waste little time throwing you back into the fray.

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