Attack on Titan “Trust” Review


If last week filled you with wonder over who you feel you should root for in the grand scheme of this world, this week’s episode added more incentive towards the right side. Again, it made a difference to now have the confirmation as to how evil humanity can be when authority is challenged. Right now there is no grey area. You are either fighting a just battle, or you are the enemy. I’m glad we’ve reached a point where you have to be one or the other since the corruption of the government knows no bounds.

We have now reached that point where our heroes have no choice but to see the world around them for what it is. Everything changes when you become the enemy for knowing too much, for having power that isn’t in check, and when knowledge becomes power. That last part in particular grabs your attention because this is a drastic shift from the previous two seasons. Especially considering the enemy is humanity itself rather than just being the Titans. The first scene set the tone right as they picked up from the scouts having company in the forest. It made a big difference to see how they reacted, and the kind of mindset these soldiers are in who are sent after Squad Levi. The conversation between the two soldiers specifically stood out when they presented us with the struggle that most would have with this new mission of theirs. Some things would come in question, but at the end of the day you are forced to accept when orders are orders.

The biggest takeaway from this episode was the fact that this is not going to turn into a thing where the squad would find itself backed against a wall and turn to running more than anything else. I feel as though we needed to reach this point where this can be seen as a war. That of course meaning that both sides can prove that they can make decisive moves. This wouldn’t be so exciting if the Scouts gave in to the reality that they are outmatched in power and numbers. All they have going for them right now is that they shouldn’t be underestimated.

What I favored most was that there were some who were able to put some pieces together themselves about recent developments. We should never be led to believe that people are that dumb. The sheep mentality only leads us to believe that the plot and story is forced. When that happens, you have lost the audience. Luckily for this season they have noticed this and addressed it properly. This only adds to the engagement from those like Hange Zoe and others who have already found a way to make sense of what’s going on.

It was a good contrast to show the legitimate corruption of the police. The ones who are up to date on what’s going on and simply don’t care to question the morality. That was where we could truly draw the line in the sand between those who are acting out of duty, and those who are acting out of a wrong alignment. Where this discovery led to was one of the most memorable scenes of this season so far. Not just for the understanding from those who are governed by fear, but from the understanding from those who prove that they are more than just victims.

Attack on Titan “Trust” is a fitting title for this episode given what has unfolded that challenges people’s perception of recent events. You either follow blindly, or you act with an awareness of what’s really going on around you. I like that there was so much evolution to be spread all around. I couldn’t care if the season is moving fast when anything is better than back-to-back episodes where nothing is happening.

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