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Some time back I watched a web series call Bad Timing. This was a romantic zombie comedy that I did say left me wanting more, and here we are again because Andy Goldenberg (Goldentusk) gave us more. Bad Timing is the story of the loser with the girl of his dreams during the zombie apocalypse. The first season I enjoyed thoroughly because it humorously got into the question of who you’d like to be with if there were only you and another left on this Earth.

First off, something I personally love about any web series is when you’re able to just release it all at once. Everyone has their own way of putting a season out there. It can be daily, weekly, or even monthly, though you know viewers are going to see the series through to the end when it is all right in front of you.

Season two of Bad Timing picks up where Season One ended, with Andy accidentally shooting his overprotective mom at the door, under the pretense she was a zombie trying to get into the house. Inconvenient right? You get the opportunity to spend the end of the world with the girl of your dreams, her action hero boyfriend then miraculously comes out of nowhere to ruin those chances, and then by the powers that be your mom of all people manages to find you which just shatters that opportunity right then and there. Others may question what the heck is going on there, but when it is the zombie apocalypse you expect the unexpected. Once they introduced Eve’s boyfriend, that was opening pandora’s box for anyone else to spring up understanding that they are not in fact the last two alive. You had to wonder what sort of trouble his mom would bring with her, and this shook things up.

This season took some big steps forward for Andy. The first season felt more like a transitional phase for Andy, but from the start here he picks up confidence that he didn’t have before. It may have been due to the involvement of his mom, though being this direct is a push in the right direction. You would have to be if your mom was trying every way possible to derail your mission to find the girl you love. Phyllis’ endless meddling created a number of funny outbursts that he wouldn’t have been able to get away with if he was still with Even and Kevin. Nonetheless he is still the same goofy nerd in over his head.

Andy’s mom, Phyllis, brought entertainment of her own to the series. Andy is awkward, Eve was that girl out of his league, Sam took some time to figure out, but she came in and just grabbed the attention. Her world was pretty much Andy’s and all the first world problems that you would have tossed out the window when its the end of the world. This new character Sam was funny in her own way considering she didn’t entirely know what she was getting herself into when following Andy’s mom. You want to hate them since they refuse to acknowledge the dangers of the world around them, though at the same time it is enjoyable for the fact that it doesn’t mean they should be underestimated. Not when they seem so driven to play match maker of all things when there’s not much of a future to care all too much about. The truth alone about how the two met and got to where they were almost left me in tears.

Their mission here was just ridiculous. They got a bit creative with the zombies this time around, and they didn’t shy away from what can go wrong when they manage to run into other people alive. What I didn’t expect was to run into some genuine moments between them. Some of which teased a pairing that I actually see more fitting. A real story begins to unfold here and another season would definitely add to the depth.

Now from the way we jumped into this second season I wasn’t sure if we would actually get around to what Eve and her now husband have been up to since. In my head I had this expectation that they would take the route where Kevin would make surviving the apocalypse look easy, but I’m glad with what we actually got. It was clear that what they had was going to be too good to be true. The question then was what kind of troubles they would go through on their own without someone like Andy who is probably smarter than both of them combined. Especially in this kind of situation. You couldn’t have asked for a funnier turn out to what these two are dealing with on their own. Kevin for this season showed a lot more personality than before. Last season I probably would have looked at him as one-dimensional just because he had the action hero vibe going on, but now he carries appeal after turning into this guy reluctant to do anything that would get him or Eve killed.

Bad Timing season 2 was worth the wait, especially to be able to watch it all in one sitting. It’s goofy, hilarious, and makes the zombie genre its own. Nothing is better than when someone thinks outside the box to give you something you aren’t seeing from other series involving the zombie apocalypse. Again I look forward to what the next season has to offer as one relationships is uncertain, another a possibility, and lot to brace yourself for in-between all of that.

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