“Bad Timing”, A Zombie Love Story Web Series


Bad Timing is a comedy web series about an awkward IT guy who finally gets a shot with the girl of his dreams… shortly after a zombie apocalypse. Yes you could say that you’ve seen something similar to this somewhere, but this became something more than that. It’s very character driven considering that the episodes are short and straight to the point of each. For a first season it’s the ideal length which leaves you wanting more from it and certainly you do.

Bad Timing posterThe two main characters are Andy and Eve. Both characters from two different worlds that are forced to be together by a cruel twist of fate. What I like is that Andy and Eve have their own way of coping with what they witnessed. When the world has been overrun by viruses, zombies, and global destruction, they really are the last couple on Earth. What you find funny is that despite the situation, Andy is excited about the opportunity, given the circumstances, but this doesn’t mean that his dream girl feels the same way about the situation. I mean there are some genuine moments that tease some possibilities here and there, but you obviously see how it will take time to adjust to what the future has in store for them.

Humor played a big role here and I’m glad it’s focused on that one element instead of trying to juggle more than it could handle. You find that Eve is certainly lucky to be with Andy. His sense of humor is great and you gotta love a man who can make you laugh during those hard times. It’s a story you don’t have to take seriously because the only real threat to them is being around each other. I mean love isn’t easy to come by just because you’re the only guy in the room, and it’s not easy to love somebody when you’re obviously out of their league.

In the end you definitely would want to watch if not for the fact that it makes you question who you’d like to be with if there were only you and another left on this Earth. The possibilities are endless and there is a lot of potential here for what these characters can do.

This web series is on episode 7 right now, each episode is about 3-5 minutes and it’s worth watching them all in bulk to see how entertaining it is and can be.

Bad Timing stars Andy Goldenberg (Jack and Jill, Nice Jewish Guy Calendar Coverboy), Aqueela Zoll (College Humor, Miss California 3rd Runner Up), and Michael Foster (The Bachelorette, Kickin’ It). Directed by Brandon Ravet (The Loft), co-written by Lauren Goldenberg (Chuck, Gossip Girl), and produced by Cameron Fife and Michael Wickham (Project Bigfoot).

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