Best of Overwatch’s ‘Reposted in The Wrong Neighborhood’


So this ‘Reposted in The Wrong Neighborhood’ thing has been going on for some time now, but as of late Overwatch fans have taken to their own mixes for our heroes. When I stumbled upon this, lets just say I made my rounds to just about all of them out there that the community made. One of them I admit is actually my ringtone, which I have missed a few calls because of just wanting to hear it play. With so many voice lines I was shocked that players found a way to create a perfect blend of them that could actually rhyme. And if they didn’t, they sure spent some time making them synch up. If you’re home like many out there due to the snow, it is a great time to seek these out for that one you might put on repeat.

Below are the ones I believe are the best of them because they rhymed, had good timing and altogether looked like the time was actually put into editing. The others were just too far off the mark though a good attempt.

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