Black Lightning “And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light” Review


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There’s one thing you have to enjoy about the continued efforts of Black Lightning to break the mold of most of the mainstream comic book shows, and that is how they captured real dangers that real people face in the world. Dangers that will unfortunately come to you, because you don’t always have to go looking for it. Consequences we face when not understanding the reality of being mortal, even with powers. Then you have the lengths the corrupt will go in order to manipulate the people. A villain can live right under your nose, and be someone who has tricked you into giving them trust.

With each passing week, Black Lightning continues to show off with some new powers. One would have thought these were things he probably picked up before his retirement, though better now than not at all for him to dive into more of what he is capable of. Truthfully this is the best time to start separating him from the idea carried by the mainstream audience that he is like Static Shock, because he isn’t. With that said, we are now seeing a little more of what has been affecting Pierce since the first episode. This started as a small development that probably wouldn’t have registered as anything other than rust from not using his powers in so long, but now it has become something more and worth giving attention to. I mean there are still plenty of questions surrounding the origins of his powers. Even if there’s an explanation in the books, the show of course is its own thing. That aside, it is at this point where it now feels like Pierce is all in as a hero. This drive of his to stop Greenlight has become personal. Probably the best time to address where things can go wrong when he stops thinking clearly.

It goes without saying that up to this point Gambi hasn’t played enough of a major role in this show. For some they might enjoy the presence he has considering the format of some of the other DC/CW shows, but Gambi plays this same role in the books. That means it is about time that he becomes more active, even if that means ending up in some trouble himself. His standout scene was welcoming for the fact that we got some insight into Tobias Whale and some of the things that don’t exactly click about what he’s capable of. It was also nice to have an explanation as to how Gambi has the access he does to help Black Lightning the way he does.

With that said, Tobias surprisingly finds some depth this week. One thing you can’t ignore about Black Lightning is how they jumped into this story with pre-existing hero/villain relationships. Having that grudge with Black Lightning drives his actions whether impulsive, reckless, or brutal. Having his sister now present was a big plus with her being able to dissect just where he is going wrong to give direction.

Now Anissa furthering the exploration of her powers has quickly become somewhat of an obsession at this point. having this curiosity works for her considering she is like us wanting answers to how she has her powers, and Pierce as well. When it was said that Anissa would wrestle with the fact that her actions have dire consequences, that was easily understood once her investigation took off. She opened some doors that probably should have stayed shut, and that bravery to do so probably has a lot to do with her power making her feel invincible. We aren’t getting to those consequences just yet, but the build up is just right. When all is said and done, for this episode her experience is fun when she is soaking in what every young upstart feels putting together their identity.

Jennifer as I said last week has been a symbol of tragedy. She has been getting hit time after time with the reality that is the cruelty of the word around her whether direct or indirect. It was only a matter of time before something snapped in her, so it made sense that this week Jennifer would learn the importance of controlling her temper. I’m not going to lie, Jennifer impressed me. Any thought or assumption that she was just a pretty smile was tossed right out the window when the right person crossed her.

Another thing that went by fast but you had to appreciate was the knock against the way that cops react without thinking of the best way to handle a situation first. Enough these days create problems from being trigger-happy, and that is one more thing to give Black Lightning credit to for bringing attention to this problem. Overall, Black Lightning “And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light” was a treat for the way this world is evolving around Pierce. The threats to him and his family grow with every new encounter whether the trouble is asked for or not. Next week should hopefully payoff with the consequences to making bold moves without thinking of what comes in response.

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