Black Lightning “Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion” Review


At this point I think it is safe to say that this story has become something of an origin story for those like Jefferson, Anissa, and the rest. I like the idea that heroes like them can look towards why they are the way they are, rather than the concept of their origin being dropped on our laps. They turned it up a notch when it came time to confront the guys who aren’t shying away from hiding in the shadows. People who don’t value the life of the average citizen, and tolerate even less the interference of those who get in this government agency’s way.

Black Lightning and Thunder taking action finds more fluidity with each passing week. I love how they consistently grew from there being tension after the reveal of Anissa’s powers, to the fear of what could go wrong, to the confidence in what they both can accomplish working together and on the same page. Again it is a kind of dynamic that none of the other DC/CW shows are offering which helps break the mold. Gambi’s struggle trying to continue working with Jefferson is a rough transition. The aggression he is shown to an extent is justified, but at the same time you cringe that this is another one of those trust cliches where emotion clouds common sense. That said, they do find some redemption for this direction having Gambi and Anissa working together to show Black Lightning is still running around the streets of Freeland. The situation they find themselves in this week called for finesse, the kind I have complimented before when not everything can be solved by cracking skulls or blowing up buildings.

The reveal that the vice principal of the school is the person betraying Jefferson was jaw-dropping. I think most of us expected her to be a problem along the lines of challenging Jefferson’s authority as principal. Who would have guessed the true danger she posed was as the person giving these kids up to the ASA? With that said, it was funny to have this issue with her that she could be so deep in the conspiracy and yet not be able to see that Jefferson is Black Lightning. Her persistence in denial made it worthwhile getting to a point where she had to see the truth for herself.

Having a stronger perspective given to the ASA was much-needed at this stage. We’ve seen how they operate outside of the law, and the lengths they are willing to go to get what they want. Now was the time to explore the way they function when trying to keep up with the chase that Black Lightning and Thunder are giving them. It was drastic for them to go so far as to arrange to have Jefferson arrested. That sent the message that this was becoming personal since this is the first time that one life is bleeding into the other. Only a matter of time truthfully no matter how well he or Anissa try to cover their tracks in the face of this agency. It made a statement as well that certain forces in this community can’t be trusted at all. A stronger focus on the ASA also meant shining a light on the corruption that plagues this community. They’ve established where the line is drawn between the corrupt and those who actually fight for justice. With that said, it didn’t make it any easier witnessing what Jefferson had to go through when this isn’t the first time he has faced the dark side of the law.

It was exciting how Detective Henderson tackled the police problem. There will always be fear that he will get himself into the wrong kind of danger poking the bear, but he is that character with expectation to do so. Again he is not a character you would have originally guessed to like, but he is better than most in that position.

While it is a slow-crawl getting to that place where they deal with dangers above human, the weapons that they are stumbling upon along the way are a good step forward.

Black Lightning “Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion” was full of suspense and panic when the worst is always lurking around the corner for this family. Saving this community took a whole new meaning this week and for that reason I am very happy with the announcement that this show has been renewed for a second season.

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