Black Lightning Season 2 Premiere “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies” Review


It’s a brand new landscape for the Pierce family after the events of the first season. It obviously was not perfect, but this series has been a breath of fresh air in contrast to the other DC/CW shows. A strong focus on family, genuine street-level problems, and a quick embrace of what it means to be extraordinary. My hope with this second season was that the foundation set for this show, corner of the world, and characters becomes the stepping stone for more potential storytelling to take advantage of. This story you are not going to get from the other series ongoing.

This is what I love about Black Lightning. This is a series that doesn’t work like most other superhero shows. We don’t just jump into new arcs or chapters as if nothing really happened before. From the very minute that this season premiere began, there was fallout and follow-ups from the season before. The things that both directly and indirectly influence the Pierce family. For everything that went right for them at the end of season one, I enjoyed that we could immediately get the other side of the coin. Meaning the blame that had to be thrown for the chaos at the school. Jennifer coming to learn that there’s much more to her powers than simply being a generator for power. Then of course there is the serious trouble that Lynn would find herself in when there has been no shortage of things that have gone wrong in her professional life while trying to uncover details about Green Light. These were all things we had to look forward to in this hour and they pulled no punches.

Jefferson dealing with the school board was a great plot point in general for this second season. When you take a step back from the superheroics, the school is a big part of his life. Whether the comics or the show, this is something you always try to bring focus to in some way. Now with this episode, they even took it a step further when they decided that this also needed to become a problem with having a black man like Jefferson in charge. Some will turn their noses at the conversation, but the reality is that a black man in power is going to be looked at to be knocked down a peg if higher-ups think he’s puffing his chest too much. Real problems, that I should say shake up the status quo when things were definitely too easy for Jefferson as someone playing the role of both principal and superhero.

Now it also made a big difference that they shined a light upon something which brings attention to the community as well. What stirred the pot for Freeland this time around was a strong follow-up to the season one finale too, and served as the perfect stepping block for Anissa to further her career as Thunder.She may be getting to ambitious, but only time will tell since she is the only one who hasn’t truly faced a consequence for her actions last season.

As for Jennifer, she did backtrack to some bad habits that I wish didn’t come with her powers evolving. We had come so far to finally find her fun, and then here we are almost at square one again. The perspective is understood in regards to trauma and the fear of being different, but it doesn’t entirely overshadow the cliche of being her age and rebellious. That aside, it was easy to overlook these problems one they brought our attention to her powers. I think we all know what’s going on with it, but its a matter of allowing the story to get to that point itself. Exploration takes time, and hers might be worth it on that end. Lynn was a step in the right direction as far as evolution goes. Her episode one versus season two episode one is a big difference considering the stance she has take towards helping people. Not to mention she has found her own way to help people without being super. That’s something to admire even if she can’t fully understand what it means to have powers either. What I appreciated most about Lynn’s writing is how she has also stepped up to be the better adult who can communicate. In shows like this that leads to some tiresome troubles, and she combats those predictable moments.

The action was very satisfying as well. There was what you were prepared for involving powers, and then there were a few treats thrown our way when other characters had shown physical prowess through some shocking skill in weaponry. This led to a fate for someone that I didn’t quite agree with, but the tv universe works differently. There was one action sequence which stood out, and I had no problem with the fact that they resorted to the usual hallway setting. The camera work was great, and said person showed improved choreography.

Tobias What didn’t have much of a part here except for a reaction to something that had happened in this episode. That was a bit disappointing, but not everything at the same time I would expect to be addressed in one week. Next week we should be able to look forward to more when a villainous presence is more required.

The Black Lightning season 2 premiere was one that came swinging and nailed with everything that would transition our characters into the next chapter in their lives. Momentum was on their side and they did not waste one minute showing this family what it means to rise to the occasion and stumble along the way. There were some problems, but they were rough patches that you needed to get to in order to further progress.

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