Black Lightning “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak” Review


With last’s week’s Black Lightning giving us more build-up than anything else for what’s to come, there was a lot to anticipate this week. There may be a fair amount of conflicting storylines going on at once, but all of these things so far have been worthy of your attention. Heroes stumbling, and villains rising. That is the name of the game this season. The trope never gets old when the story is in the right hands.

What isn’t there to say about this episode? They got into some pretty heavy subjects this week. Starting of course with What happens when Jefferson decides its time to confront Anissa about the way that she has been playing Robin Hood with the criminals for the Community Center. First of all, for the DC/CW shows, I love the fact that someone is actually taking up that role as a hero. “Green Arrow” utterly failed us and ‘his city’ when they decided this didn’t need to be a part of his story. With that said, the big thing here was what happened once Jefferson found out. A fierce disagreement was a good way of putting it when these two finally let it all out about the way they felt about each other’s approach. Both were right and wrong in how they handled themselves which was perfect for the perspective in what it means to be a hero. What that led to was unfortunate, but right now I think this family needed to experience that worst case scenario for what could happen if they allowed outside problems to get between them.

That brings us to Jennifer. The development with her powers has been a slow crawl so far, but this episode took leaps with what could be accomplished with the right teacher. The scene within Jennifer’s mindspace was probably one of the best fight sequences they have given us in the series so far. That is saying a lot when we are talking about Jennifer. It was an important moment, even if none of it was real, to see just how formidable she could be if she had control of her powers. Now the twist thrown her way by the end of the episode? I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about it because where we took steps forward, this could be what sets her steps back in the process. I don’t think any of us want a reason at this point to overlook her relevance in contrast to the others in this cast.

Finding that time to give us an example of how wrong things could go with this new principal was smart, and the scene came with excellent execution. They did not fail to hit us with the reality in what happens when you have a white principal who doesn’t see these as kids who can make mistakes. Seeing how this Lowry treats them in contrast to Jefferson should quickly set the tone for what will continue to unfold now that the board has control to do what they want. Your heart is only left racing when wondering when that line will be crossed for Jefferson when there is one change he can’t let slide. As for Lynn, I enjoyed the chill that we have gotten from the introduction of this Jace. She is the perfect obstacle for Lynn as someone who challenges what she represents as a doctor and scientist. Not every problem will be one you punch your way out of. Some will be problems where a strong will prevails. That or a clever understanding of rules that others do not abide by.

The trouble stirred by Anissa that had to be dealt with by Black Lightning and Thunder this episode was worth it just for the moments they are able to share in costume. We won’t always need to expect a fight, but the atmosphere is vastly different when these two get into character, and the choice of music does help as well.

That aside, one of the bigger developments this episode was what came next for Tobias Whale in prison. Plenty of things we had to look forward to this season, but that was not one of them. How they eased into this development was great for the way it fueled Jefferson’s rivalry again, and for the way this captured Tobias in a better light. When I say a better light, I of course mean giving him the room to prove why his strength is the least deadly part about him. Its his mind, and how he got himself into this situation was creative for the way nothing was really as it seemed. Could Tobias really be arrested that easily? The answer was excellent.

Black Lightning “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak” was intense for all the things that could go wrong in one hour. Saving this city is easier said than done, and they did not dance around the reasons why. Again no one is safe, and no one is immune from consequences to their actions.

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