Black Lightning “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues” Review


Last week was a big transitional period for this family and even Tobias Whale himself. With a strong focus on just this circle of characters, there was a lot more engagement to take from both the successes and failings which came from saving the city. Heroes rise, and they also fall. That is a fated cycle for characters like these and I do enjoy how they have approached that for better or worse. Nothing is ever too interesting if everything goes unusually right or wrong.

What situation arose this week was unexpected this early. As I said last week, the one thing you have to love about Black Lightning is that they do not beat around the bushes. They jump straight into the thick of it and pull no punches. That means almost immediate reactions to the decisions that these characters make. For Lynn, that was huge, and as I also said before, she has stepped up to the plate in the best way possible for someone without powers. Her work with the pods practically puts her right in the middle of the craziness this season. The fear people have towards metas, the anger they feel towards their found loved ones who are stuck in the pods. There is so much experienced in this city that right now ties to the kids in those pods as people with powers, and people who are cared for in the outside world.

How they took this a step forward to address the world that Lynn herself would step into was a point of interest. She has always propped herself up to be somewhat of a saint. Sometimes its fitting for her, other times you wonder why she can’t dial it back. Relatable when you know someone like that. The way she exposed herself to these other metas and their abilities was a cool balance of being chilling and wondrous. Especially with the one kid they decided to use as an example of someone who could be more than the product of his environment. How they handle metas who are either rampant or in danger  was something to be appreciated.

Jefferson’s situation with the school board has been gutwrenching. There are some realities about a black man in charge, and this plotline addresses that situation without mincing words. From the minute that Jefferson was forced to step down, you knew what was coming. You knew the kind of person who would step in in his place. It was a tough pill to swallow, and his reaction said more than we could in that moment. It was even harder once it came time for Jefferson to break the news to his students and faculty that he is stepping down. For someone with his reputation, there was only one reaction, so I’m glad that they went with that instead of whatever else could have come out of this reveal. Honestly, as someone who read the more recent comics, this is getting into more familiar territory. I can’t wait to see what new obstacles will come from being a teacher and operating under a new principal who might give him a hard time.

That aside, one the other end of the hero story we have Anissa. The one who currently seems to be going through the early stage of being a legitimate superhero. It’s a great perspective to have at a time like this when she not only has a power that makes her technically invincible, she has the mentality of someone who is untouchable as well. That is a story to follow if you want to see where this will bring her down, or take her to new heights. Either way she is getting the full hero treatment where for Jefferson we jumped straight into his time as Black Lightning.

One thing I did not get to touch upon last week was Tobias Whale before and after the events of this second season premiere. This is someone who had everything, and lost everything. When I was reading up about how his mindset would change this season, it made sense. How would you react when what you consider family is taken from you? His sister, his friend that he could call a brother, and as of last week, Cyanide? That is pretty much everyone outside of Painkiller who is too new to hold the same kind of value. From there, you could only look forward to what kind of monster could be born of losing all humane attachments. The answer was the worst possible creation. Now shifting that focus over to Painkiller, I enjoyed how he is also facing the consequences of his actions. When Tobias said that he couldn’t fail again, obviously that was something to take seriously. It was a chilling scene when he finally had to confront what came next after that last defeat. His visit to Jennifer went pretty much how you would have expected after everything he did at the school. I’m surprised that they’ve written him well enough that you could care for the hard road ahead that he has to look forward to from Tobias.

Still, momentum was this show’s best friend in Black Lightning “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues”. They have hit the floor running and have not stopped. There’s so much going on here, but all of it is genuine and representative of the best you could get out of a superhero and familiar world.

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