Black Lightning “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire” Review


Black Lightning — “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire” — Image BLK213a_0013b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Erika Alexander as Perenna and China Anne McClain as Jennifer — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

With last week being chapter two for Black Lightning “The Book of Secrets”, the momentum was really beginning to pick up with where we are going with this story arc. This is a time where secrets can make you or break you. the secrets that can ascend a villain to greater heights, the kind that can break a heart. I am just glad to be able to say that Black Lightning is not your typical show with drama that will twist the idea of secrets into a superficial plot device for characters. Everyone has secrets, and lies, but how you react to these makes a difference between being genuine and another cardboard cut-out.

Now once again I had to find myself agreeing with the masses in the case of Jennifer’s development up to this point. Credit where it is due that she is blossoming into a character who is more than her former shell as an average teen. A mission for revenge might lead to failure, but it shakes things up that she can be a kid who is forged through tragedy. That’s nothing new for a lot of heroes created in the DC/CW universe, though most of them are older and have a bit more direction than a teen who lost someone she loved to an almost untouchable villain. So to an extent you couldn’t help but root for this girl who is ready to take the fight to the big bad where the others have lately played it more safe. Once again we got a few action scenes out of Jennifer and I couldn’t help but be impressed by how far she has come along with her powers. She may not have the combat skills as Jefferson or Anissa, but she without a doubt can hold her own just relying on what she can dish out. There’s definitely more explosiveness from her power output, and the orange really matches the kind of mood that she finds herself in. I only hope that in time they will take a bit more of a risk with the lightning effects to give it more of a sting when it seems like she is shocking someone.

Someone else who managed to be standout this week just so happened to be Lynn. When Jennifer was missing, her slump was a tough pill to swallow because you expected a bit more from someone who had the tendency to be a pillar for the family. Having a chance to save the rest of the pod kids was the next best thing for her when she is back in an area where she can do the most good. Her interactions with Agent Odell were as well admirable when she has clearly built her confidence up enough to be able to handle taking charge without getting too much pushback in the process. While it is fun to see what others can do without their powers, it’s always crucial to emphasize what those who don’t have power at all can bring to the table, sink or swim.

Black Lightning — “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire” — Image BLK213a_0284b2.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Bill Duke as Agent Odell and Christine Adams as Lynn — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Taking us back into the classroom was a great change of pace for Jefferson. You could want him out there and trying to take down Tobias or cleaning up the streets, but it is also just as importance to remind viewers that this guy has a responsibility to his school as well. Principal or not. The direction they have taken his place in the school was probably for the best. There is only so many things you can do with that much attention on you, and this leaves a lot more room to always step back into the classroom without the school taking too much of an episode’s time.

Tobias Whale was a point of interest this week for a number of reasons. The first is the revelation of where his current end game is. While you would hate for a villain like him to succeed, who wouldn’t want to see what this world could look like with metas running around? Problematic if you wanted to see just as many who are good, but for now it is time to shake things up past your everyday criminal. To show how far he is even willing to go to have this army said a lot about this cold-blooded villain. I am shocked how they were able to capture that side of him while also showing that he can still have feelings for other people. Other people as in caring about Cutter who you never would have imagined to have risen up to this level of relevancy to his plans.

Now it’s hard to say where they are trying to go with this Grace Choi mystery, but right now it is a solid step forward for Anissa on her own that she will do a lot for those who she cares about. This includes Jennifer as well. A lot of time writers will have no problem with creating sibling rivalry, though what makes you invest in Anissa and Jennifer is the time put into showing what it means to be sisters. They are tough on each other in their own way and will always find a way to comfort one another at the same time. It always helps to have endearing moments like these which makes it hard to deny the reality that they are all real people.

If this was the end to the current story arc, then Black Lightning “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire” did right by me for every decision made in this episode that challenged what these heroes or villains are fighting for. Not to mention how consistent the story has been up to this point focusing on the subject of secrets.

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