Blame” Review: Sex and Scandal in the NJ High School


“Blame” the blockbuster movie has been directed and created by the star Quinn shepherd who is well known for her role in Garden State actress in 2004. Though in her very early age she received her share of achievement at any age it is not simple to make a movie which –as “The Disaster Artist” proved – is a function of persistence and funds. The real achievement is however to make a good one.

“Blame” however is a good script for a director of any age and Shepard directs the movie with a perfect vision and a good sense of acknowledgment.
“Blame” is the title assigned to the movie which, however, isn’t eager to assign any. The movie is set in a New Jersey High school, where a group of students who are overdramatic and painful as they have spent their whole summer studying “The Glass Menagerie”. One of the students, particularly an emotionally and a malleable unstable girl has gone so deep in the character that she even started picking up a limp and a fondness for glass unicorn. But then the students got assigned with a new good-looking teacher who decides to make them concentrate on “The Crucible” instead of “The Glass Menagerie” which is all about malicious gossip and rarely represses sexual longings. Though it’s not an easy play for high school students to study this it’s a rather dangerous one for them to begin to identify themselves unconsciously and act out in real life.

The rehearsal spaces are dark and very secretive, classrooms are flatly and blandly lit. The “good girl” with pretty pastels while the “bad girl” living in a world of bold colors. Despite those clear cues the movie often intriguingly fades the lines between good and bad. Like a true villain, Nadia Alexander looks teenaged Reese Witherspoon, all determined chin with crop tops a trashy mean girl who has a not-so-good relationship with her always- angry stepfather.
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Well, our heroine is impressionable and goes a little too quickly similar with Tennessee Williams’ fragile Laura to Miller’s unfaithful Abigail. And her motives remain blank and never comfortably simple. Shephard is a bit much giving her lead character the off-screen name of Abigail and may be to not face the guilt she allows the character of the teacher- played by Chris Messina- too much empathy.

As everything begins to rotate around into a sudden gust of flirtations and inappropriate attention, not all but he actually deserves the most of the blame as he is the only adult.

Yet it is a smartly and pleasantly acted movie and the credit is mostly given to the Shephard’s part though mostly she is silent for much of the movie, she grows subtly confident as the story proceeds. Alexander has a crucial role as she is the manipulative princess in the movie and never descends into any kind of trouble.

“Blame” does an extraordinarily good work for recreating the thing which is told by the people who are not long out of their high schools themselves. This movie holds a unique place which is full of performative sexuality and subtle savagery which is not presenting another story of someone else’s movie or story but second-rate “Carrie” a third-generation “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

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It is solely directed by the young talent Quinn, Nadia Alexander, Chris Messina. The film contains high intense emotional sexual situations, strong languages and underage adultery with underage drinking which is representing the present situation of the youths among the countries. This movie did not fail to show the high school student’s emotional rollercoaster and how dangerous it can affect the childhood innocence, the transition which most of them face and is still facing somewhere or the other.

This story where there is enough guilt to revolve around and which is beautifully pictured by the young talent, the credit all and all goes to the actors and the young director herself.

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