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Seeing Microsoft at the moment seems to be pushing a trend of reviving old games for the XBone (Killer Instinct for example but Crimson Dragon also applies to a lesser extent) I decided to take a look at another old Rare game that while never managing to be made into a franchise; is still seen as one of their great classics and one many people would love to get a sequel or remake of;.. Blast Corps.

Originally released on the Nintendo 64 Blast Corps is all about destruction. It’s bare bones plot has you play a role as part of a crack team tasked with clearing the path of a truck carrying nuclear missiles that’s out of control and the slightest nudge will set them off. Your mission (which assumes you’ve chosen to accept by playing the game) has you use a variety of ever increasingly crazy vehicles to level everything in the trucks path to ground zero.

The game plays out as a puzzle game with driving elements; the truck constantly moving towards obstacles acts as your timer and you have to make sure the path is clear, or some times create a path for it (across broken bridges for example). Your free to choose missions in any order and when you finish each main set you gain a new set of tasks that are measurably harder. There’s also lots of little side missions as well that you can do as you go between missions which take the form of time trials, races and other general mini games acting initially as tutorials for the different vehicles but eventually become harder then the game to complete and act as the games challenge mode.

There’s more to do then just the missions though as if you wan’t to finish the game you’ll be needed to return to each level and ‘level’ everything in site as well as locate 6 scientists hidden throughout the game who can disarm the deadly truck. Also you’ll want to be on the lookout for hidden vehicles to help with bonus levels themed after popular vehicles like the A-Team van and the General Lee.

After reading all this you might be surprised to learn that the game was made with a team of no more then 8 people working on it at any one time, and even then that team was mostly made of graduates. This could have lead to disaster with a small constantly rotating team however it acts as a testament to how strong a Developer Rare was back then.

Given the minority of the team you’ll be even more surprised to learn there’s an endgame that follows the main plot; though its completely out of this world, in more ways then one! Upon saving the day your once again called to save an out of control shuttle crashing to earth, leading you to onus on the moon and if you’ve been getting gold ratings on different levels then the solar system beyond where low gravity makes everything so much fun!

Blast Corps is just that little piece of heaven that feels like a one in a million game. It’s not perfect but what is? It is however unique and full of charm and while a sequel won’t likely ever happen games like this must not be forgotten. Defiantly something you want in your collection, or just your memory of games that you had a ton of fun with!

David Ryatta

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It's a classic through and through, and your tasked with destroying everything using vehicles from bulldozers to power range sized mecha's... whats not to like!

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