Book Review: World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2 HC


World of Warcraft Chronicle is a series of books that attempts to codify, tighten up, and clarify the history of Warcraft. This definitive tome of Warcraft lore reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and beyond. For World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2 this means diving deeper into the Warcraft world where players can read about the history of Draenor, the First and Second Wars, the fates of the Gorian Empire and Apexis Arrakoa, and more.

Reading this second volume like the first was quite the task as this is 212 pages worth of lore to take in, but it was worth it. If you’re like me then learning these things about Warcraft world is a treat. I got into the game around the time of the Lich King. So I was just a bit late to the party, but still l arrived at a great time where it was easy to get into this monumental story with the opportunity to also work back to Burning Crusade and back up. But even then there are still a great many things someone like me would not be able to learn, or in the same capacity as other longtime players and fans. That is where the appeal of the World of Warcraft Chronicle comes in as a strong exploration of those things you missed learning in the game. This isn’t to say that you can’t play the game and not find something new from these stories because this is a huge info dump.

They really took their time with this expansion of the lore. These aren’t just stories as the way they told these events was almost like you could imagine it yourself. It was all about the experience and they nailed this with the way each chapter flows into the next. For as big as this book was, it was hard to put it down with the excitement to always see what happens next. When you aren’t paying attention to the graphics or the gameplay or simply winning, these are the moments when you can take that step back to understand exactly what is going on.

The stories were well crafted engaging us through things familiar and things new. I felt that there was a greater appreciation for some of the things you might have overlooked as well. These stories and descriptions really made all the little things matter which elevated the world-building. World-building in general is what I look for from these World of Warcraft Chronicles and they do not disappoint on that. They took it seriously when it was said that these stories would continue with us learning about how Azeroth evolved into the world it is today. You can tell that all of this is important to Blizzard because they take every opportunity to introduce us to established lands, to the origins of creatures who inhabit these lands, and how all of these things came to be.

For what is going on currently in the world of Azeroth, what we learn here is very relevant to some of the threats faced. Maybe not directly, but if there were some gaps in intention or origin of motivations you surely got something out of this. I know I did just from the bits that came from events caused by the influence of fel magic.

As expected the artwork was beautiful. I would say that every piece of art not only matched the stories told perfectly, but also told a story of their own about the characters captured in it. These are the kind of works that I would love just to have on my wall for the fact that whether it is a known character or location it is so accurate and they bring out the best aspect of that focus. Lets take the picture of Anzu. This is a boss I personally loved because I wanted that mount. I farmed this place for months because of just how awesome it would be to ride this ferocious bird. The way he is drawn in the moment of corruption speaks volumes to why Anzu is one to be feared.

What’s so fun about video games is the surrender to the vision that the creators have for these worlds. World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2 HC is our surrender to all the things we know versus all the things new that are now open to discovery. Everyone wants to be that guy who knows it all and it is great when the ceiling is always raised. That is how you keep fans coming back for more and hopefully there is still more to these chronicles. I mean if anything just the art is worthy for collector’s value.

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