Boruto “A Day in The Life of The Uzumaki Family” Review


For Boruto this seemed like the episode we were always meant to get to eventually. “A Day in The Life of The Uzumaki Family” is the episode that will take us through some of the more difficult times for this family that internally just can’t seem to adjust to a world where their father is the Hokage. I know this will make me cringe for Boruto’s stubbornness and immaturity, but nonetheless it tackles moments that we should want to see with our own eyes involving Naruto becoming Hokage and a few other treats.

This was a nice time to pick up on Boruto’s story before he got accepted into the academy. There is quite the difference between then and now so it mattered to understand where things started to go wrong for this family. I mean we do know it is because Naruto got more wrapped up in his duties as Hokage, but there still had to be more to that explanation. Now having said this, I wouldn’t say this depth given to Boruto makes him any less annoying when he turns rebellious. As nice as the moment shared between him and Naruto is, he can ruin things for himself very easily. I’ll give them credit that at the very least nothing done or said by Boruto was enough to make me cringe as much as I thought I might. May just be a kid and all though Naruto at this age was simply desiring to not be the outcast.

As for Naruto, its surprising that we would get a story this focused on him. It makes sense that we would actually get to address what led to where he is now, but one had to worry about his relevance in the series. The same can be said when speaking of Hinata. Her part in this episode isn’t as big, but just seeing more of her in general is a plus. You want to satisfy fans of the new and old generation yet you also don’t want to pull the story in too many directions at once. Nonetheless it was nice to follow the grown-ups leading up to his ceremony. It matters that this kind of tradition isn’t passed aside for the younger generation who don’t fully grasp the world they are stepping into.

There was one moment from this series that I was very much looking forward to. That being when Himawari first awakens her Byakugan. The scene was just as chilling as they said it would be. Now I don’t fully understand what awakening this power can do for you overall, but that was a one of a kind experience. You could see then why Naruto reacted the way he did when asking his father in-law about handling her awakening it again.

I suppose this would be the first episode that we could call filler for the series. For a first it wasn’t bad for what we were able to take from it. We learned things that we were inevitably going to get around to. It wasn’t useless things that wouldn’t matter to us in getting to know these characters. You could say all we needed to know was what was said, but actual experiences hold more value in appreciating.

Boruto “A Day in The Life of The Uzumaki Family” was a solid episode for what it is. Genuine character development that got through a lot of what might have made it hard for you to invest in the Uzumaki family like the rest. Unfortunately its not hard to want to see more of the others, but this is a step in the right direction towards caring for what the future holds for the Uzumaki family.

(EDIT: There was an error that didn’t put in the score. Changed)

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