Boruto “A Declaration of War!” Review


Good to know that we aren’t through with the Hidden Mist Village just yet. It would have been too soon for us to move on after seeing the monster behind those who refuse to see this village through to peace times. His actions against his own underlings said enough about what the others are fighting against for progress, and what we have to brace ourselves for when the main confrontation finally comes.

The episode was off to a good start giving some form of progression in the form of Kagura accepting the path to becoming the next Mizukage. This felt like a point we were always going to reach, though it was somewhat of a slow burn till that moment. At the very least we were learning what it meant to go through that process of looking for a successor. Nonetheless it made this adventure satisfying knowing that we could be introduced to a character that should have greater importance down the road. This experience with Kagura was also enlightening since what he goes through now is his defining moment. Despite saying that he will agree to take the test to become Mizukage, or saying that he supports a path to peace for the Hidden Mist Village, he had still yet to show this through actions. I can’t say that I agree with the decision that he came to, though from his perspective it was hard not to.

It was worth the wait to get this proper introduction to Shizuma. Off the bat he seemed like someone to fear just because he had a resemblance to Kisame. Kisame was one badass swordsman, so you had to wonder what someone like Shizuma is capable of with what seems to be less direction with his actions. It was through him that we were able to understand just how bad this situation is and already has escalated behind the scenes. He definitely cleared up a few things that were left vague, particularly involving Kagura as well. It was one thing to hear about what happened to Kagura, though another thing to see him when he goes berserk. It added a whole new layer of depth to this plot when Shizuma has influence on this side of Kagura that he can’t control. Someone like him thrives on the idea of a shinobi who can give in to the violence willing or not. If there was ever one hope for him, it would have been that he was a little older or had a little more of a show of power.

For Boruto himself, the trouble he gets himself into was predictable for his skill level, though still some good action came from his part in this. If there’s one thing you can at least appreciate about Boruto right now, it is that he still has a long way to go before he becomes that formidable. Maybe for someone closer to his age, but h clearly doesn’t have much in his arsenal to put up a fight against someone like Shizuma.

Aside from all of that, it was interesting to see that Suigetsu was lurking around behind the scenes. We know he likes swords, and definitely wouldn’t mind getting his hands on one of the seven swordsman’s, though his intentions are unclear considering he works closely with Orochimaru. I was also a point of interest when a certain someone was following him as well. I don’t expect that to be anything big, but I do hope it is not just thrown in as a tease.

Boruto “A Declaration of War!” was an enjoyable episode although one that went by pretty fast. Not too much happened, but not too much didn’t happen either. We know the fully story for Kagura, we have been introduced to Shizuma as the guy behind the “revolution”, and we know what to look forward to as this story arc hits its climax next week. So far this field trip to the Hidden Mist Village has served as a justifiable example of what can go wrong when not everyone wants peace during a period of peace and prosperity.

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