Boruto “A New Path” Review


One chapter closes, and a new one begins for this group of ninja. I think a lot should be able to appreciate where we’ve been able to go with this new generation. By now with the Naruto series I do believe they were moving pretty quickly towards the team formations, and because of that we missed out on a good amount of character exploration and development from characters we may have wanted to see more of. This class here has given us a lot to take from them whether it is their background, abilities, or personality just from the ability to interact with each other and find a common enemy in who was revealed to be Sumire.

Before moving forward, it was wise that they took the time to address what happens to Sumire after what she had done. She’s not a character I’m certain we saw in the movie, and I’m still not certain how canon the movie will be to the actual anime. But what we do know is that she’s a character without a clear future, so it is good to know she wasn’t one they would be so quick to write off. Loose ends like this should never go unsettled. Truthfully I wasn’t expecting so much of this episode to surround the importance of handling her situation. Definitely the bridge to certain characters that wouldn’t have come so easily under different circumstances.

Now this new path for the students wasn’t quite what I thought it to be. It seems the time is short for us enjoying them without the need for team formations. Not that I have anything against it though, considering what team our main characters will be forming into. How they approach it for this generation of ninja shakes things up from what we were used to before. Only two of the teams we know to be inevitable, so it was interesting to see how others tried to fit in each other. I mean some really tried to use their heads to find the right match which makes all the difference when they could easily do what you know will make you sigh at the screen.

Now the battle you were expecting was creative. I was really looking forward to figuring out just what the objective was to what the students were doing fighting on those beams. It was certainly the first time seeing some new faces with some interesting techniques. This new generation is full of surprises when their abilities aren’t as straightforward as the adults.

Sauke’s appearance wasn’t quite as satisfying as you might have hoped it to be, but it does raise some questions about things we don’t know what happened before the events of Boruto. There’s surely more to him simply going off doing missions and what not and hopefully they don’t make us wait too long for answers. We also finally get a glimpse of Toneri who has been a shroud of mystery as well up to this point after the events of the Last Naruto movie and appearing in Boruto’s dream. Things are still vague for the most part aside from dropping hints about Boruto’s eye, but that scene served as a reminder that he has some relevance to what’s to come. I’m glad to see that he isn’t another character who they are quick to toss off as one and done.

Boruto “A New Path” lived up to the name in a number of ways, but more importantly it served as a transitional phase into a new story. There is linear progression here and they have put the time into fleshing out everything and everyone who should matter to us. This including getting our first tie-in to the movie. Some things can still happen differently, though at the very least we know the direction things are heading in. In fact we just might know a little more than even the movie allowed us to understand from only that single scene.

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