Boruto “A Shinobi’s Resolve” Review


This here was the kind of action I was anticipating us getting back to for these students after their trip to the Hidden Mist Village. The kind where the objective is straightforward and the students are really putting their all into it against some teachers who we haven’t seen in action for quite some time. Again, everyone has been engaged in some sort of fight and the outcome is worth looking forward to. Especially for those of them who really have something to prove by passing.

Like I said last week, I enjoy where this is going between Boruto and Kakashi. Whether Boruto passed or failed, he needed that attitude adjustment from someone who isn’t quick to accept the way Boruto carries himself. I’m sure he will be a character to like down the road when that moment we all know comes, but until then he has quite a ways to go in breaking out of that childish shell in contrast to the rest of his classmates.

Kakashi’s cold words were words of familiarity. This was a side to him that I think many have missed over time since he hasn’t been put into that kind of situation in recent times to have to be blunt and aggressive. It was a chilling scene and probably the only time you would let them get away with simply talking rather than acting. The best thing he did was get that reaction out of Boruto when he realized that Kakashi was right next to him for a whole episode and didn’t notice. Half the viewers probably would not either if they didn’t pay attention to the fillers of the previous generation.

With all that said and done, it was good that Boruto still wasn’t the whole focus for this episode. A fair number of students found their time to stand out, even one showing a skill that not many possess at that age. Well actually more than one and I appreciate that we have this opportunity to finally see what some of those in the back have to offer when the action starts. It’s only fair that if we see enough of them, there should be some relevance to them than just to be cannon fodder. Denke, Iwabe, and Class Rep all catch you off guard because they prove that there are stakes to those who have come this far. They did so with everything to gain and at the same time everything to lose for the energy and passion they have put towards becoming a ninja.

The name of the game for this exam was resolve, and that is what made this final encounter with the teachers great. What was only questionable about this exam at first was what they were trying to teach the students. This is a time of peace, though regardless you don’t want ninja who will get themselves killed for not taking that world seriously. While some as stated above did impress, it was what they were capable of together that won the spotlight. It really did help that the teachers weren’t holding back because they wouldn’t have pushed themselves as hard as they did to get knocked down and keep coming back for more.

Pacing was excellent for the entirety of this exam. That is what I like to see from Boruto compared to the Naruto series. If you want to keep viewers engaged, something always needs to be happening from scene to scene. There is a time for talking, and a time for acting. You can’t have both and not ruin the moment because you don’t have a solid tone.

Boruto “A Shinobi’s Resolve” was exciting and exactly what we needed to see out of these students to anticipate how things will now change moving up to Genin. Some will be gone and off doing something different, while the rest will keep pushing forward with this goal to be ninja and stay together. All despite the fact that they will soon enough be moved into their three-man squads for group missions and what not.

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