Boruto “Bonds Come in All Shapes” Review


It goes without saying that there was some fear towards how this story would play out for Sarada. They are teasing pretty hard that Karin is her mom, despite you knowing deep down that it really is Sakura. Mind you this is coming from the perspective of someone who doesn’t read the manga. Not that I don’t like being ahead, but this guy would rather choose one over the other to follow. So this suspense is hitting hard when they are walking on eggshells around the truth and you know Sasuke is too hardheaded not to open his mouth.

With this week’s episode we jump straight into the action in “Bonds Come in All Shapes”. This new drive from Sarada is admirable when its a trait you wish you could see more of from Boruto himself. They grouped together the right characters to take on Shin and his clones.

This might be called Boruto, but for now I’m still more drawn to what Naruto is still capable of at this age. Still not a confrontation where he would go full power, though we have time to reach a point like that. For now he is just awesome for being that voice of reason right now. It is good to see that with age he has matured from the kid that you would have wanted to punch in the face to calm down. Having someone like Cho-Cho with him as well helped when she is someone who like Sarada has a new perspective of him beyond just simply being the Hokage in his office. Probably the point where Sarada herself might have begun to decide that she wants to become a Hokage.

This version of the Akatsuki through Shin is an interesting development. Having the intention of stirring up trouble around the world for the sake of evolution is not what you expected. Not at all what the Akatsuki aimed to achieve when they were looking for their own version of control and order. Sasuke’s fight with Shin wasn’t what you thought or hoped it to be, but what it turned into got crazy. I think it was the best case scenario when wondering what could go wrong with this idea of evolution.

Having said this, great move they made by proving how far Sakura has come along at this age as well. It would have done her a great disservice to end up as the damsel in distress. Just not convincing enough with someone of her strength and ability in medical ninjutsu. Her fight was the highlight of the episode for me because of her power and agility. I wasn’t expecting her to be unbeatable, so what we got was satisfying for how she proved to be someone you shouldn’t underestimate.

Overall this was a heartwarming conclusion to Sarada’s story that took a turn for the best from where we started off with her. We went from tension because a father couldn’t even recognize his own daughter’s face, to excitement because a family was finally able to come together and reaffirm the bond between them.

Boruto “Bonds Come in All Shapes” could have ended any number of ways, but I believe they chose the best path for the Uchiha family. Their situation was unlike anyone elses in the village and was worth the wait to explore. I do hope that this is the start of us seeing more of Sarada in the Boruto series moving forward. She has plenty to offer for her strength, goals, and motivations compared to the other students.

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