Boruto “Boruto and Kagura” Review


I’m not going to lie and say that this was the episode I was looking forward to. I was anticipating Sarada in action, as well as seeing what Chojuro is capable of in a fight. However, Boruto’s engagement with Kagura? That is something you don’t expect to hold the same hype, though you expect that they will at least bring this to a satisfying close through Boruto trying to get through to Kagura who really shouldn’t struggle so hard knowing right from wrong.

The main problem with Boruto at times like this is when he spends all of his time talking. Yes not everything will be solved with fists, but when you are given action you want to see them follow through with it instead of dragging their feet through the mud. For someone new to the world of Naruto this wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, but if you are someone who has put up with that from Naruto, to Naruto Shippuden, to Boruto? You want them to hit a point of realization that you lose viewers fast when the excitement is drowned out by a shouting match that is rehashing the same things over and over. Especially when it comes to Kagura who has no other legitimate reason for his current actions than fighting for someone who acknowledged him and took a cut from him. That is not enough to follow them into a murderous revolution.

As for the action itself, it was annoying enough seeing all these other swordsmen with Shizuma who know how their blades work and then have Kagura who picked his sword first not even know how to use it right… Does that make any sense for anyone else or is it just me. I love Boruto, but even I can point out when there are problems like this that need to be addressed. The tag team of Boruto and Mitsuki is where the action finally started to pick up for the better. Having someone around with a higher skill level in fighting made for a confrontation that didn’t seem so one-sided or bland. We’ve seen some fights before where it was all hand to hand, but with Boruto he brought nothing like that to the table on his own. It also took finally seeing someone like Shizuma in action as well to take that next step forward. He clearly was giving it his all and revels in the excitement of having no reason to hold back against Boruto and company.

With that said, it was the inclusion of Mitsuki where I knew that things could begin to turn around. He makes to the most entertaining scenes just because of how cold and blunt he can be with only his words. The truth he revealed about Shizuma wasn’t something you could have expected, but the reaction and response was what you were looking forward to. It was that moment where someone like Shizuma would finally show his true colors and all could finally be understood about this sinister plan he carried on as a revolution. He was good at hiding his intentions, but you knew there had to be more to what you were seeing and hearing than what was on the surface.

Boruto “Boruto and Kagura” wasn’t without its problems, but at the end of the day they made this final showdown count when it mattered the most. Again they dragged their feet which was the biggest problem, but at least there are moments here and there that you can say they pulled through with when it came down to these characters stepping up to the plate. Things did wrap up abruptly with that said, so I do hope down the road we will get back to where the Hidden Mist village goes from that situation.

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