Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!” Review


I have had mixed feelings about this part of the rescue mission for Mitsuki. Everything else has been pretty awesome for the exploration and discovery, but something hasn’t sit well with me about the encounter with Garaga. These kids have come a long way, and too long of a way to struggle the way they have with this giant snake. They have done this nerfing bit with them and it has become this series of “Why haven’t you done or tried this yet?” that I hope they fix soon.

The start of this episode did crank up the intensity from this group as they took on Garaga, but the fight was still dragging on for the most part. More time was spent dodging and what not rather than actually showing that they had some strong abilities that could easily rock Garaga’s world if they weren’t so caught up on his size. I can somewhat give them credit that they took the opportunity to show that this group is strongly capable of thinking on their feet. If I were to make a counter-argument, then I suppose I could say that it matters more that they were able to rely on wits more than power, even if power could have achieved results quicker than they did.

It was how they resolved this pursuit for the reverse scale that shook things up. While I had my frustrations, it was easy to forget that what other people were looking forward to from this episode was the possibility of this contract that might be signed with a snake. The only question was who would sign this contract and with what snake. Of course the answer was pretty obvious, but you never want to assume anything with Boruto these days. Not when even myself was kind of hoping for it to have been a different contract signed with a different pair than who it actually was. What further shook things up was how concluding this side mission finally led to what was inside that white snake. The memory plucked from its head left much to assume, but it at the end of the day gave this story direction once again rather than aimless clues.

I am happy that they at least explained what has made Garaga hate humans for all these years. The story he told made sense of that rage when it clearly had to have been some encounter where he was betrayed by someone he probably called a friend at a point. There’s was one thing that we were left to question by the end of this reveal, but we walked away with clarity which quickly changed our perception of how to handle Garaga.

The development in the village has been a slow crawl up to this point, but I’m glad that they found the time to turn things up before we could lose interest in what they were building up to. It mattered that everyone else in the village was able to on their own see that there was more to this situation than what they were seeing on the surface or assuming. The fact that they as well decided to use other character who we haven’t gotten to see too much of lately was a good move for the sake of keeping this large cast relevant. It also goes without saying that just from what action we got out of the village, we now at least have an idea of what two from that mysterious group are capable of.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!” was a shaky episode for the things that weren’t all too appealing with the group’s pursuit of the reverse scale, but everything else for the most part made up for what was lacking there.

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