Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Boruto Rescuing Naruto” Review


Last week I skipped over reviewing the series because there wasn’t much to say about an episode where it was mostly all talk. There was much more to what followed the assault from different character perspectives, but at the same time nothing of significance really happened aside from everyone preparing for their rescue of Naruto. For some fans it may have been an episode to look forward to since this is the first time where Boruto genuinely began to pull his head out of his ***. From there it now comes down to how they follow up from that surge in growth.

There was only one thing to truly look forward to this week, and that is what it would look like when the Four Kage spring into action. Next to what would be Naruto and Sasuke tag teaming against Momoshiki Otsutsuki, it was suppose to be their clash with both him and Kinshiki Otsutsuki that got the blood pumping. Their experience showed right away when it came to the strategy they had already formed to even the playing field. The issue I did have is the difference between the movie and this series. Where you would have expected a bit more of a drawn-out fight, they rushed through this for the sake of giving more time to Boruto and Naruto to speak. The best word I could use for what happened here is anti-climatic.

Despite any changes, what remained the same was how at this point Momoshiki jwould find himself backed into a corner enough to absorb the power of Kinshiki Otsutsuki. In doing so, becoming tremendously powerful enough to turn the tides. The shocker here was seeing a very different transformation than that from the movie. This one actually looked like an improvement from what was odd and barely recognizable for someone who simply was increasing his power level.

Getting more dialogue out of Naruto at this point was a big plus. I say it all the time that we do not see or hear enough from him and this was their time to remedy that problem. As much as any of us may have a problem with Boruto’s attitude, unfortunately there was no denying how neglectful that Naruto was as a father. My only problem is that where there could have been conversation, they used quite a bit of time to indulge in flashbacks of things we’ve seen multiple times. With that said, Boruto and Naruto finally coming to an understanding came with actual substance rather than coming out of left field. What could have just been Boruto easing up after seeing what it really means for Naurto to protect the village, turned into more when he was able to get an apology and explanation of everything up to now.

The little moments are still appreciated in this episode as well. With so much that was rushed to at this part in the Boruto movie, it was good to have those scenes which focused on more of the aftermath of the assault. To see where Mitsuki’s head was at, as well as Sarada was worth it.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Boruto Rescuing Naruto had some hits, as well as some misses too. It was hard to say what they executed right since at the end of the day the action was quite lacking. And that is troublesome considering episode 65 won’t be airing till the 19th of this month. That is a long time to wait for two episodes already which haven’t been all too exciting for what this is trying to build-up to. If they are banking on the Naruto/Sasuke team-up to take it home, I hope they do not hold back or waste any more time than they already have. Story is great, but this is the time for action.

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