Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Boruto’s Birthday” Review


With the Chunin Exams around the corner, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every episode is going to buckle down on filling in those gaps in what came before and during. There are still episodes to burn on other things that further our understanding of these characters and their relationships. This week we return to a Boruto-centric episode where as the title suggests he celebrates his birthday, and we all know even a day like that won’t be simple for this kid.

Creating that further tension between Boruto and Naruto can get tiresome at times, but this was the first episode in 50 where there was actually trouble caused by someone mocking him for being the Hokage’s son. For as much of a big deal as they try to make this, it shouldn’t be the first time where he is actually justified in feeling this way. There was that one other time in the Hidden Mist, but they were trying to use him as leverage. As an episode centered around Boruto and his birthday, it was a bit crushing to see where he has been consistently let down each year. While there is an understanding of what it means to be Hokage, you have to admit at a point that Naruto is a pretty neglectful dad for someone who can have a thousands of clones out and about at the same time.

You could also see where they begin creating further bridges to the event of the movie where Naruto for the last time disappointed on someone’s birthday. This was one of the few times where they also handled things a bit differently which can give us some insight as to what we should expect moving forward. Some things from the movie will be canon, but there should be enough that we can expect to be different for the anime.

Despite the theme of this episode, it was better to see that the world was still turning around Team 7. Having a mission to tackle here created more to take interest in. Particularly when it came to the danger that this team faced. This did turn out to be another case of simple case evolving into something outside of the team’s parameters as genin, but at this point who are going argue with that this would be pretty boring to get stuck with anything less. Especially when this team is hyped up to be pretty formidable for their age. The connection of this mission to what Naruto’s investigating on his end was a decent development. Some things from the oldgeneration were bound to bleed into the new generation, and hey couldn’t have picked a more terrifying face to resurface so to speak. Nothing that would get theories or predictions rolling about whats to come, but a nice nod that there is work to do for this age of peace to remain in tact. The biggest challenge being the continued burial of old threats.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Boruto’s Birthday” was a pleasant surprise for everything that wasn’t predictable about this episode. When it came to Boruto’s birthday, you knew how that scene would play out, though it was the emotional impact that made it all redeemable. Team 7’s mission was the true point of interest for Boruto possibly seeing that he has gotten more than he bargained for with his desire to stand out.

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