Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Everyone’s Motives” Review


This game of cat and mouse so far has been a satisfying story to follow. I didn’t even think it would even have run this long compared to the other storylines following the Invasion Arc a while back. When this arc first began, I wasn’t too sure on how much effort was going to be put into this story being its own thing from a similar situation we viewed from the Naruto series. It was good to see that almost every trial and obstacle has been unique to Boruto and company.

One thing that we knew was coming for this episode was the splitting up of the team before moving forward with their mission. At the start of their union of teams, I was half expecting that they would stick together till the confrontation with Mitsuki. I was surprised when this was not the case. Sometimes Shikadai is not utilized the way he should be, and this turned things around for him. It makes a big difference to toss him into situations like this where he has to be the guy to look at every angle and look at this rescue from a wider perspective. Considering where things can go wrong, where the worst can be avoided. If there is one thing you can give credit to the writing of this arc for, it is the creativeness so far to keep us guessing about what comes next. There are many elements at play here, and most of that comes down to varying motives.

Finally seeing more from this group that Mitsuki is following was a point of interest for this episode. While there had to be a reason for Mitsuki following them to the Land of Earth, there was the question of the purpose that he served to them once he got there. Having two parts to this mystery to unravel was smart. Even if he was somewhat innocent, there was no overlooking the trouble he got himself into by associating with these people. Especially when yu finally come to understand who and what they are. When that point came, I felt a stronger appreciation for this arc. If you excuse me for the reference, there was a recent story arc for X-23 in Marvel, one where she, her sister Gabby, and the Stepford Cuckoos went through a conflict that made you rethink what it means to be a clone. I felt the same engagement here when that comes into question for Mitsuki and company.

The story back in the village has finally started to hit a consistency in progress that keeps the story in motion from all perspectives. I had my worries about how they might just end up talking in circles, but this was another time where it was key to show what kind of role that Shikamaru and Sai now play in the village. Both of them know how to put the pieces together and do their own thinking. The kind that comes a bit easier given their experience in contrast to the kids who need to learn things firsthand.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Everyone’s Motives” was a solid episode that cut through a lot of the build-up to finally get us somewhere that this plot can pick up. Next week we should hopefully look forward to our first real fight, and that should set the tone for what else we should expect from this arc once we begin to hit the climax.

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