Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Father and Child” Review


I have to say that there is no worse crime that they have made us wait a week to get to the very good part of this story arc. They have been dragging their feet, and it is time we get on to the real storytelling for this series. For everything new and different from the movie, there was nothing that you would have looked forward to more than the fight between our heroes and a powered-up Momoshiki. I mean he already looks cooler than he did in the movie which is a big step forward.

Of all the “boss fights” in this series, this one felt like the first one with some legitimacy. That of course meant that there was much more build-up and hype to live up to. For a start, I loved the way they chose to make an example of his new power. Before it came only because the idiot scientists gave Momoshiki boundless chakra with their tools. This time around he was way more pro-active in his counter-attack. Actually taking them each on by himself emphasized the gap between Kage, Naruto and Sasuke. While the end result will always be taking those four out of the fight quickly, they at least weren’t just standing around watching like in the movie.

When it came down to Naruto and Sasuke taking Momoshiki on, that was where things could only get better. For as much as I loved the fight scene between the three in the movie, I can at least admit that it was pretty choppy at the same time. It wasn’t as fluent as you would have liked if you are someone who enjoys straight-up taijutsu. This here began to redeem this confrontation when even Momoshiki proved to be just as formidable with his hands and feet, and without the need in absorbing chakra or having muscle to throw around. As they got serious, it only took seconds into the battle for me to say that this was easily one of the best, if not the best, in the series so far. Next to this I will always say was Sakura’s fight some time ago when she was trying to help rescue Sarada and Sasuke. This here in general is what I appreciate about Boruto the series. They upped their game in animation. Real fights won’t always be just throwing justsu at one another. It’s actually fighting, dodging, countering, and proving that you are more than a one-trick pony.

Now with that said, as far as jutsu goes, there was not one recycled from the movie which was beautiful. Sasuke used so many new techniques as well as a few familiar. Even Momoshiki was using many that went beyond absorbing or throwing those black poles to neutralize. Even with the monsters unleashed again, it wasn’t as messy as it was before, and they didn’t drag it out any longer than they needed to.

There was one twist that I was sort of waiting for since this episode was called “Father and Child”. Fortunately they did not disappoint when it came to the execution of Boruto joining the fight. How he got the massive rasengan to the way he got close to use it was creative in contrast. I only wish that they didn’t throw more vagueness at us about the blue eye of his. I can’t say I’m too interested in it yet if it has no relevance towards actually fighting or supportive application like other eye variations.

The only expected annoyance was the interference of Katasuke. You can call any character in Naruto or Boruto annoying, and you would be wrong if this guy wasn’t at the very top of your list.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Father and Child” was worth the wait. If this is what we can keep looking forward to from this series as the enemies get stronger, I can say that this is worth seeing past the movie stuff. Manga readers may know what to expect as the strong progresses, but the rest of us will delight in the ability to be surprised at what comes next.

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