Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Himawari’s Birthday” Review


I have to say that this one we should have seen coming sooner rather than later. Something like Himawari’s Birthday they surely would have wanted to make a bit more important than a one and done scene. I only struggle to feel anything for this story because not only do we know how it goes, the family drama as I point out isn’t all too appealing in contrast to everything else going on in this ninja world. But who can argue? They need to fill in the space before the exams.

Things this episode are beginning to fall more in line with what we know is to come. Unfortunately a lot of this deals with the mindset of Boruto that sees no improvement when he thinks he’s above taking the Chunin Exams. His interpretation of what Sasuke does was possibly the worst influence he could pick up. If someone truly understood Sasuke, then they wouldn’t see him as just another ninja who does what he wants and look to knock the next big bad down. The only point in time that I could anticipate for Boruto is when he gets the reality check that he can’t simply do whatever he wants and get the attention he thinks he deserves. I will give them credit for the anime considering there is a lot more context added to key scenes rather than cutting from one act to the next. Especially when it came to the argument over the possibility of Team 7 being benched because Boruto doesn’t want to participate. You know that Sarada isn’t going to take that lying down, so the added dialogue from her to fight for this opportunity was welcomed. More time from her in general is welcomed in contrast to some others.

The big thing for this episode was the focus on Himawari’s Birthday. I think most of us already know how this was going to play out, so the importance was in the little things that they would also do differently in that moment. Some added conversation was taken from this disaster, though for the most part this played out how you expected.With that said, you could sympathize with Boruto this once since he did ask Naruto to promise being there this time.

Just as cringeworthy as Boruto’s behavior has been, now is the time where we have to deal with Katasuke all over again. When you know how annoying and interfering he is going to be with this ninja tool of his, it’s not a subplot you look forward to. The only thing that you find comfort in is every moment where he is shut down for trying to create unnecessary change. From Naruto’s perspective I loved that this was one of those times where he could show true maturity outside of dealing with the threat of the past coming back. Getting serious about making sure the young ninja are prepared properly before relying on tech was a great step forward and rebuttal towards this stubborn scientist.

While anyone could have called this episode filler, it began on one of the most crucial moments in a long while. Next to the events of last week’s episode of course. It was a big mystery as to what role Toneri has been playing since his first appearance. He clearly had an interest in Boruto, and now everything has begun to make sense. The eye, the tease of an upcoming threat, and more came into clarity quickly with one scene. It was also a nice scene for those who enjoyed the events of Naruto: The Last Movie.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Himawari’s Birthday” was a solid episode. Somehow everything was pretty engaging aside from the actual birthday that this was titled for. Difference is key, and so far they are on the right track towards maintaining interesting leading up to the Chunin Exams beginning.

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