Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Incurring Wrath” Review


This series has put us through some troubles the past few weeks. It was one thing to not have an episode one week, and then another thing to also find out at the same time that the next week the days would change to Sunday instead of Thursday. To think the original air date was even Wednesday at the start, but I digress. With such a wait, one would hope that what comes next in this search for answers is worth the wait. Especially when this is leading to one of the most terrifying encounters for these young shinobi.

I liked the actual introduction of Garaga. Things were too easy for Boruto and company up to this point, so it was about time that things were put into perspective for them. The suspense was great when they started picking up the little details about the snake’s size and mannerisms, and then the reaction brought it all together when staring face to face with what they had to retrieve a scale from. The initial engagement went pretty much how you would have pictured it. Anything more than what we got in those moments I would have called foul since these kids aren’t exactly that good to be able to overpower a snake of this size so easily or conveniently. It was the help that they got at the last minute which jumped out at me. It was unexpected, and yet at the same time a cool development for those who were wondering which of these kids would somehow acquire a connection to the snakes along the way.

The second engagement was the true shocker of the episode. While I was prepared for a challenge, I was not prepared for the example they were willing to make out of someone. You imagine the worst fate that one of them could endure in this conflict and this was up there on that list. I mean, I do still feel like things got choppy with the timing in execution. The need to talk before acting really takes you out of a fight when things should be moving from a to b to without pause. What consequence they faced made up for this, but it still is not something you could so easily overlook.

It made a big difference as well here that the snakes were given an active voice. If they were just monsters that destroyed aimlessly, I would have definitely felt disappointed. Showing that there is a consciousness present leads to stronger engagement and understanding of the situation. Who steps in to help them was a pleasant surprise since it would have taken someone or something more aware of what they got themselves into to give them somewhat of an edge.

The plot thickens with this episode, and it is good to see that while nothing has been straightforward with the Mitsuki situation, we can finally begin to start putting some dots together about the direction this is taking. The investigative elements to this plot have begun to take form and that is a whole new experience in contrast to the Naruto series. They never had these resources or room to figure out a situation without jumping into it head first.

I would dare to say that the new opening from this episode was a big improvement on the last one. Not that it was bad in any way, but it certainly was used a bit longer than you thought it would be. Of course one could argue that now we are being teased for what might come after this storyline, but change only helps to maintain interest at the end of the day.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Incurring Wrath” lived up to the name when this group has bitten off more than they can chew. They were bound to hit a legitimate road block and this was it. It is a good feeling at a point like this that there is very little you can predict about the outcome till it comes.

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