Boruto Naruto Next Generations “Shikadai’s Doubts” Review


I didn’t think that so soon we would be approaching a mission where the focus was on other ninja’s than Team 7. A big difference from the Naruto series when everything was pretty much about that Team 7’s adventures. As I’ve pointed out before, they are finding creative ways to involve others as well without stealing the attention away from someone else. Which is great at a time like this where fresh perspectives are needed towards this gang that has strange intentions for an age of peace.

From the start of this episode they set the tone for the seriousness of this new mission. This episode continues to push the question of ethics in The Byakuya Gang’s actions. Everyone in some way is forced to figure out how they feel about these noble thieves. These perspectives have a wide range, and while the answer should be clear, this was the best time to get into the reality of the world they are trying to protect. Boruto’s attitude about this wasn’t entirely favorable in comparison to the other characters who took up an active voice on this matter. I’ll admit that it’s the brash attitude that gets me. We all can only do so much to overlook a main character who will yell and scream everything that comes to mind. That doesn’t always have to be the case. Confrontation is nice, but you can be creative about it which is what we are getting from some of the others more.

My only disappointment this week was that the title of the episode was “Shikadai’s Doubts”, but much of the episode was not about those doubts. He had them, and it showed through his actions in a key scene dealing with The Byakuya Gang, though they were not a major focus like you thought it might be.

The depth they are beginning to give the The Byakuya Gang comes with necessity right now. There’s enough that we know of this gang just by their current actions and public opinion, but that doesn’t tell us what we need to know. Even for a story like this we would be smart to take everything that is not concrete with a grain of salt. I mean, would it be great to put all the cards on the table given this being the second episode since their introduction? Sure, but this is an interesting contrast from other missions so far where we knew almost everything before jumping into the action. Hold on to that mystery doesn’t hurt when something isn’t all too genuine with this gang, on top of a character revealed to be pretty out of the loop.

To also see that the attention extended to those like Iwabe and Denki was a nice change as well. There is room for everyone to grow here and it was good to see that others can and will make the same rookie mistakes as Boruto. You can easily fall to eagerness or overconfidence at this stage. Maybe for the sake of proving yourself, but they did not hold back in making an example of someone. It may have been the obvious pick, but wise nonetheless.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations “Shikadai’s Doubts” is a slow burn for a mission. It was only a matter of time before we got around to one like this. There is action every time the The Byakuya Gang strikes, though nothing as intense as other dealings with enemies so far. Hopefully next week they crank the dial a bit to show that there is something truly at stake by not catching this gang with urgency.

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