Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!” Review


While last week I had said that this episode was more than your average filler episode, I would still call it filler. At the end of the day some big things have developed in this ninja world and right now we have spent the past two weeks on a side mission that has involved very little action so far. One could only hope that two weeks is about it, and that afterwards we can finally move on to the real content of this series.

Cho-Cho getting the chance to be a part of the show was probably as convenient as it gets for a mission like this. You ask for something that’s right up her alley, and this is it. And then you add the ability to cut her weight for the sake of looking more attractive? You’ve pretty much created a dream come true for the girl. This second episode was tougher to get through because the mission at this point felt like it was thrown out of the window. It was nothing but shenanigans for the most part. When Naruto had these kinds of missions as a kid, there was always a little more seriousness involved. Not to say there wasn’t in this episode, but certainly not in the way that you would think. When that time had come for Cho-Cho. even the reality check that she had received felt a little forced. So much could have gone better or differently.

Where I started losing interest was in the idea that there could be so many genin in one place, and only one person could really find the sense of responsibility to address where things were getting ridiculous. I mean, I really sat here questioning how this is the genin we’re watching after everything they have been through recently? Should they not be able to take things seriously by now? Wouldn’t the next mission be something bigger in stakes?

The most that we got out of plot development was probably Konohomaru and Moegi following the clues to the attacker. If it wasn’t for what they were doing on their own, I would have felt very disappointed by the fact that they were allowing the genin to mess around like this.

Having the actor/actress show tension between them was an interesting choice at this stage. Everything seemed alright between the two of them before it wasn’t. It made sense with that said. Sometimes one cares about the passion they show towards their work a little more than the other. I would have assumed Ashina was a bit one-dimensional at first, until she began to display some true motivations on her end. She needed something to break away from being the stereotypical actress, and luckily they found it just in time. Especially since it seemed as though we were liking Tomaru for all the wrong reasons. Now as for Tomaru, nothing drove me crazier than the way he consistently toyed with Cho-Cho. You already knew the kind of man he was, but it was all about waiting for that time when the charade would drop. Fortunately that point had come sooner rather than too late.

There was a long sigh released when at the end of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!”, you could see that we were in store for at least one more episode to this story. Two is okay, but three for a filler arc? That is as cruel as it gets. Whatever unfolds when crap hits the fan again, that will be what makes or breaks the time they have spent on this side mission.

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