Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Super Cho-Cho Super Mode!” Review


After the big finish to the Chunin Exam and clash with the Ōtsutsuki Clan, its hard not to argue that we would inevitably find ourselves going through a week of filler. I think most people actually would have thought that the serious would take a break and return with a time-skip. That could very well still happen, but for now we just have what’s going on this week, and this week we have the chance to enjoy another filler that focuses on the charismatic/self-confident Cho-Cho.

This episode was entertaining because putting together Cho-Cho and Sarada makes for a fun combination. Sarada can be fun, but sometimes she needs someone with Cho-Cho-s enthusiasm to give her that push. Then you have Cho-Cho who can be serious at the best of times, but she needs someone who can anchor her down for that to be possible. Sarada fills that role for her very well where the other two in her team fail usually. With that said, it was pretty crazy to see how for this mission Cho-Cho actually found some way to abuse her secret technique for the sake of looking more attractive. Having that ability alone made this mission very convenient.

Even after all of these episodes, it’s still hard to accept that so quickly we have reached a point where technology has advanced this far. To have TVs, studios, movies, and far more changes the atmosphere in a big way. The very idea that they could even use a mission to protect a pair of actor/actresses is something to get used to. What kept things interesting was the two different experiences that Team 7 and Team 10 had watching over the two. One team had it pretty good, while the other of course had to get stuck with the diva. For Cho-Cho this surprisingly sent her on a roller coaster of emotions. Struggling trying to be herself and who she thinks is appealing was out of character, but she is probably at that point where she needs to figure out what she wants someone to like her for.

What quickly grabbed my attention was the refresher on what potential there is that Cho-Cho has to unlock from the Akimichi Clan. She already is a step in the right direction given her mastery of partial expansion, and capability to pull off rolling boulder jutsu, but she still has a way to go in order to unleash the true power that this clan wields. Having Choji around to demonstrate this was smart as well. Even if this is Boruto, we need to still see more of a presence from those like Choji to properly pass down these techniques.

On the other hand, there was involvement that didn’t require the need for training primarily. Orochimaru has gone through so much growth over the years, and it shows through the way he has raised Mitsuki to become his own person. I enjoyed the conversation between these two about identity. They see the world very differently from most and it doesn’t hurt to have those who think that way in the ninja world. I mean, as a ninja, identity should only be secondary to what you need to be in the moment. Anyways, if anyone really still thought there was some evil intention from Orochimaru to worry about, I do think they have put most of those worries at ease.

Even though I have been using the word filler to describe this week’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Super Cho-Cho Super Mode!”, I will admit that this is at the same time more than your average filler episode. Particularly when this isn’t another one and done episode. The fact that there is enough going on here to take two episodes makes it that much more engaging.

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