Boruto Naruto Next Generations “The Genin Documentary” Review


Any episode that will use the time to focus on Denki, Iwabe and Metal is an episode worth looking forward to for me. I feel that this is one of the more unique combinations and a spot of mystery for most of us. When watching the Boruto movie, there was one thing that was not made clear, and that was the presence of Denki and Iwabe. When these two characters don’t look familiar, it makes you worry about their future from where the anime begins. Is this just one of those things where they just weren’t the subject of focus? Or do they have bigger plans for this team and didn’t want to ruin a surprise exploration? That is what I’m hoping episodes like this will answer.

The focus on Iwabe, Deni and Metal was a treat indeed. No matter what the other younger ninja have to say, these three have the most to prove. Being put on suspension sets them back in a big way and it was unfortunate that while others are unruly, they are the first to suffer the consequences in doing what they want. The emotion from them has felt like the most genuine engagement we have gotten out of these young ninja in a good while.

As the title suggests, this week’s episode has more to do with a documentary. The only question was what would lead to this team working such a regular task. It was almost fitting considering Team 7 not too long ago was handling petty theft with the local police. Getting back to this documentary, it was very different from the last time we followed someone around with a camera. These guys were looking for flashy, and that doesn’t come without doing some things risky. The right kind of challenge for the team of Genin who need to prove their worth as ninja without causing trouble. Where this mission took this team was impressive even if it had a slow build up. When things got dicey, this team showed that they have without a doubt the most unique combination of skills and ninjutsu. Udon in particularly grabs your attention for what he is apparently capable of.

This was also a good time to see more of characters like Metal who tend to fall to the background easily. The same could be said for those like Udon who you could also forget was a part of Konohomaru’s three-man team when they were Genin. This episode was a rare opportunity to finally get inside his head. To see how he progressed from the dorky little kid he used to be. I mean we’ve never even seen him in action which felt like a crime.

Getting used to the idea that media has evolved into a thing in this period of time has taken some adjustment. The first time being exposed to this in the movie is enough to catch you off guard. It’s just not something you are used to from a ninja world. Though I suppose this is that time to make a statement that this world is evolving into more than that. Another thing to get used to is the idea that time is moving pretty fast for this young generation. I remember when the older generation went through a lot more before there was any talk of the Chunin Exams, and now suddenly they are talking about it as if it is right around the corner.

Anyone could have watched this episode and only seen it as another filler, but this was exactly what we needed to see for viewers who needed more out of these characters. Whether it was to confirm that they are still relevant, or that there’s nothing to fear from not seeing them in the Chunin Exams in the Boruto movie, they have a presence right now which is all you could ask for.


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