Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “The Hidden Leaf vs The Hidden Sand” Review


With the first round fights out-of-the-way, now is when the expectation is that things get a bit more serious. I’m still quite surprised that they actually decided to go through with the whole of the Chunin Exams from the look of it. I mostly was prepared for a lot of new content and changes leading up to the same match where the big boss fight breaks loose. I’m glad that this is not the case when from a better perspective it would only hurt this story if they have to do the exams twice. I don’t think anyone truly has the patience for that, because I know I don’t.

Sarada versus Araya was a match to look forward to. When you have someone as skilled as Sarada, it takes another genin equal to or better to give her a run for her money. Araya was just that genin when he almost had an answer for everything that Sarada had to throw at him. Well almost everything. It has become a patter with Sarada in some instances where she will take advantage of one skill and neglect the other when she should be trying to find a balance between the two. Now when it came to Araya, it wasn’t too hard to figure out what was giving him an edge over hr. It was only a matter of that being proven when the time came. I would say they handled the reveal very well, even if the reason for the technique used wasn’t all too original. The better word to use would be silly, but regardless they took the opportunity to once again show that Sarada is phenomenal when thinking on her feet.

Next came Mitsuki’s fight with Shinki. I felt as thought I knew how this one was going to end from the start, but only because Mitsuki doesn’t have too much of a choice when it comes to holding back. For the reason that he has to, you don’t see a point in messing things up just because another genin wants to show off in a real fight. That being said, I wasn’t disappointed by what Mitsuki had to offer when it is just him being quite the genius in battle. He got creative with his snakes, proved that even someone like Shinki can be caught off guard, and proved that there is still much more to this world than imply winning. I’m sure that in time they will reveal his true potential to everyone else, as well as the truth that Orochimaru is his dad, but until then the mystery to Mitsuki makes him them most favorable of the genin for a contrasting outlook on life.

What followed after these two rounds was another moment that we wouldn’t have ordinarily gotten to experience through the generation before. Again, for them everything was one thing to the next without too much pause. Now they are given more time to rest and process between bouts. Other small developments happened here and there, though I’m glad that for the sake of pacing they didn’t spend too much time on any one thing that wasn’t getting u further through the exams.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “The Hidden Leaf vs The Hidden Sand” was satisfying for how both fights played out and concluded. One was a pleasant surprise, while the other reinforced what you already like about our genin of mystery. Next week is the final fight to look forward to since its not every day that the tournament will end up being a triple threat.

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