Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “The Iron Sand User: Shinki” Review


***Spoiler Caution***

This week’s episode has been the one to look forward to since its not every day that the tournament will end up being a triple threat. Boruto, Sarada, and Shinki all facing off at the very end. That I did not see coming since the movie took us no further than the second round matches. Right now the tournament could still be when things escalate, the Chunin Exams could still make it to the very end, though regardless what happens here is going to be exciting.

Knowing Shinki to some extent, it was not surprising that this battle royale would quickly turn into a two on one fight. It only really made sense considering given there’s no way either Boruto or Sarada could get eliminated and think they had a chance against this powerhouse. Boruto and Sarada working together like this was pretty cool since they are capable of much more than they were before when teaming up. While I wanted to be excited about this fight, I will say that there was a few points where I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. First part is of course with Sarada. I do not feel like they properly utilized what she is capable of in a real fight. She has monstrous power like her mom, but she relies heavily on the sharingan and shurikens? That doesn’t make too much sense to me. I mean why did we not see impenetrable iron wall meet fist? Even the way she was eliminated didn’t feel natural to me. They could have executed that so much better when you would expect Sarada to be a bit more graceful in battle.

Then there’s Shinki who right now is the definition of overpowered. I hate using that word sometimes, but that is the way they have built him up to be, which is unfortunate because at least with Gaara there was some style involved to the way he fought rather than just seeing brute strength. Given the name of this episode, there was some expectation that they would use this time to also address Shinki’s story. We know how he ran into Gaara to be adopted, but there was still much more to his story. Especially to explain where this attitude of his spawned from. Unfortunately, we didn’t get anything on that front either.

Boruto was probably the biggest letdown because he really didn’t have much at all to offer. He has nothing truly special about him aside from grit and attitude. He had one good move, and it took him one minute too long to get serious enough to pull it off properly. How the fight ended, now that was where things got predictable. You knew Boruto was not going to make it to this point without a little extra help. And at this point we could at least be assured that the scientists were going to take advantage of all the footage they compiled in some way. There was one redeemable element to this episode, and that was knowing where on disappointment ended, was the anticipation for something we knew was going to be exciting. With the tournament over, and the shenanigans with the scientific tool, that just left the reveal of the true villain.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “The Iron Sand User: Shinki” could have been great, but for the most part this battle royale turn into one missed opportunity after the next. I don’t feel like this was worth the extra content to get to if they weren’t going to give us everything some of these genin have.

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